Friday, December 2, 2011

VSD Season Again

It is Vote, Support and Dua season again in the campus. Today morning people were treated to the scene where the University road is completely covered from both sides with posters on the barbed wire fence. Poling is no tenth of December and the coming weak is going to be hectic. The petrol more n number of motor cycles of course can not come cheap. But these machines are running. Your poor Alig is not very keen to count the number of groups or the number of bikes in them but by now the number is already noticeable. Even the teacher community was busy having its little show. First it was Executive Council membership election for teachers' representative and till yesterday it was for AMU Court membership for them. In the former it is usually the old hands (old to some extant for a politician is never old-just think of Youth Congress). In case of AMU Court most of the time you can spot contestants whose canvas of imagination in no circumstance have teachers' interests in it-unless, of course, these interests are their own. AMU is symbolic of hopes and aspirations of the biggest minority of India. The latter gentry is supposed to inspire faith in the future of  this minority which bigger than most of the European countries. Former, that is, the students' union is a different matter altogether, suitable for a post or a number of posts for itself.