Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Exporting American Dirt

The gays in US repeated stormed the annual meetings of the Psychology and Psychiatry Association of US in seventies to press for their demands by which they managed to get declared themselves as rightful in indulging in their ignominy. And the rest is the ugly history. And sissy countries like ours own do not need any persuasion to to follow America does. What a white man does is taken as Gospel by our great leaders as well as intellectuals. And US might not be demographically a white country but de facto it is. The situation has not changed by Barack H Obama at the scene. And we remain as reverent to their actions as ever. Just notice how Delhi High court accepted homosexual marriage as legal. Alig are a natural group who can raise their voice against this type of infamy but they, in the post independence period, have displayed a singular lack of courage. And unfortunately they have shown the same attitudes to social, cultural and moral issues as the rest of the country. And this is true even if one takes the organized left out of consideration.

Now Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State-read most powerful person after the President of US, says that they shall support gay rights abroad. Well in our country, as noted above, you need not worry. We are burning our house ourselves. US can focus on the irritants abroad-in our country we do not need enemies to destroy us.

Is it really to difficult to understand that the primary goal of man-woman intimacy is the procreation? That gay and all related so called orientations defeat the propagation of human race? That these new deviations recruit people into their nasty ways by hook or the crook? And how will you answer to your Lord Most powerful your actions by which you either ignored or added the atrocities committed by these people? How dumb and numb has the society become that it can not recognize a bad thing when it sees one? Why has been the silent majority subjected to this demeaning position?