Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shaking Hands

Last Sunday, on November 27, 2011 your poor Alig had the intention to say Salam to Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab (DB). The wish was not granted by Allah(SWT) in His boundless wisdom. When your poor Alig (YPA) reached the University Jama Masjid the after Ijtima Consultation (Mashwirah) was over and Dr Sahab was surrounded by many people. YPA watched and admired this from close quarters. What an acceptance (maqbooliyat) has Allah(SWT) bestowed on these people! (Hazrat Professor Usman Sahab(DB) too was there.) These people are supervising the activities that are nearly useless in the eyes of the worldly people while in reality these are the activities for which the world has been created. People think that real work is to build dams, skyscrapers, rockets, hydrogen bombs, shopping malls, holding Commonwealth Games and all that. Allah(SWT) wants some thing else from us. And these are the people who have understood that message and they have devoted their lives to that purpose. These are the people who understand the secret of the world (as much  Allah(SWT) has wished for us mortals). Because of these thoughts Dr Sahab became nearly unapproachable for YPA in spite of very close physical distance. YPA asked Janab Jamal Sherwani Sahab whether he shall drop Dr Sahab(DB) at his home. Jamal sahab conjuctured that it must be one of Dr Sahab(DB)'s sons who'll do that. Since none of his sons was around it became a mystery for few minutes how Dr Sahab(DB) will leave for home. The group started walking out with Dr Sahab (DB). He picked up his shoes and as usual some one tried to help him but he sternly refused to be helped. Then a young man said his Salam to Him. Dr Sahab(DB) looked at him after answering and told the gathering that this man loves me but he does not obey my instruction. (Ye band hum se muhabbat to karta hai magar hami baat nahin maanta.) This was a light banter and his hall mark. To some silly people it looks like criticism which is just the literal interpretation. The locality to which Hazrat Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab (DB) belongs, from their standards-and those must be the real standards in this case, this is an expression of deep love for this young man. As the group walked with him the small exit into SS South (Sir Syed Hall, South) was in front and a well known face, a Majzoob-Janab Banne Khan Sahab of Danpur, was trying to go out just at this time. Everybody knew that he shall take lots of time to manage his exit-that is his state. Just at that moment Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab(DB) took a left turn to proceed towards the SS North gate. Different workers of Jama-at were constantly playing musical chairs to get a ring side location with Dr Sahab(DB). "For you Khasail-e-Nabawi, it is translation of  Shamail-e-Tirmizi, Uswa-e-Rasool-e-Akram by Dr Abdul Hayi Arifi and Gilzar-e-Sunnat are the books. You'll get them at book called Nazir Book Depot which is just in front of the Nizamuddin Markaz." This was told to another young man who rushed away to meet Hazrat Professor Muhammed Usman Sahab(DB) immediately after making one further inquiry-he had got his dose of the day. Now the group was exiting into Sir Syed hall, North. Professor Obaidullah Sahab of Tibbia College was ready with his car to drop Dr Sahab(DB) home.

That was last Sunday. Today, on Sunday, December 4, 2011 YPA gain got the desire to see Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab(DB). He is keeping ill health for some time does not manage to go to the mosque regularly. Sunday Ijtima in Sir Syed Mosque is a unique opportunity to say Salam. After reaching there at nearly the Supplication (Dua) time-when Tashkeel (the task of contituting the Jama-ats) was going on, YPA realized that the Sermon today has been by Professor Sanaullah Khan Sahab. Those of you who have come late he has retired from the Department of Statistics. Also see this thread at Sunni Forum to know about some more about him. Some one said that he came just three or four days ago. He has been to Pakistan and in all probability must have given a Sermon at the Raiwind Ijtima-fourth biggest Islamic gathering after Haj, Tongi and Bhopal Ijtimas. After Supplication there was weekly consultation (Mashwirah). After that Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab and Dr Sanaullah Khan Sahab sat down for few minutes consultations together with each other. Strange that they had complete privacy in the public! Once Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab (DB) was free from that people again got pulled towards him. YPA took the opportunity to say salam and Dr Sahab(DB) inquired about the well-being. This time three young boys were waiting for him to take him home in their car-one on the drivers seat, one with an open gate for Dr Sahab(DB) and the third one in the back seat. YPA did little bit of car chasing for a few kilometers for, at the moment, the route coincided with that of the car. Can YPA say that he followed Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab (DB)'s path?