Monday, December 5, 2011

On Muharram

A batch mate used to wish your poor Alig Happy Muharram every year.
Nothing wrong in this. This is a sacred month and any thing sacred is happy.
If some allowed things are made prohibited, as is the case with Muharram, then the purpose can only be to elevate the status of the month.
But the rub lies some where else.
Muharram has become famous because of wrong reasons.
Some one has communicated the wrong impression about it.
Some one has created a lie around the truth and the reality.
And the whole world believes that.
Congratulations on part of the aforementioned batch mate were offered because there was something to celebrate-which was not there and which is not there and which shall not be there.
That there is some mourning aspect of the story is by and by only.

Now is it not strange that wrong thing has been propagated as authentic and every body believes it and the voice that try to correct it are really rather low?