Thursday, December 8, 2011

Physics at Aligarh - 1

There is a long list of people who have used Aligarh as a stepping stone for their career. Some of them are kind enough to remember there Aligarh connection. Dr H.S. Hans, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Physics Department, Punjab University, Chandigarh is one of those kind souls. Here is the p.15 of the latest issue of the Physics News a publication of Indian Physics Association.
Here Professor Hans tells about his career in the very prestigious branch of  Physics-Nuclear Physics. He has been doing work on nuclear reactions and the work that he and others have done in this field is huge in its quantity. Incidentally he brings on record the existence of a Cockroft Walton Accelerator at the Physics Department of AMU in those times when this was exotic for everybody.

These are the machines that can be rightfully considered as the precursors of the Large Hadron Collider now operating at CERN in Geneva. (Click the images for better view.)