Friday, September 7, 2012

Signs of Revival of Islam

Even the death of a pious person can give away very strange signals. Hazrat Abid Ali Khan Sahab (RA) was encircled by divine Mercy a few days back. Here is the obituary report from normally staid the Hindu.

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Moulana Abid Khan, the well-known face of the Tablighi Jamaat, passed away here on Thursday morning after a brief illness. He was 60.
He was admitted to Apollo Hospital on complaints of renal failure soon after Ramzan. Later, he later slipped into coma and died on Thursday morning. He is survived by two sons and four daughters.
As news of his demise spread thousands of people descended on his Tolichoki residence to catch a glimpse of the saintly persona of ‘Abid Bhai’, as he was popularly called.
The ‘namaz-e-janaza’ offered at Idgah Bilali in Shantinagar, where he used to lead the Id prayers, attracted more crowds than on the Id day. It was a virtual sea of humanity with people coming from neighbouring districts to take part in the funeral prayers.
The prayers scheduled to be held at 2 p.m. got delayed as the crowd swelled leading to traffic jam all around. A sobbing Amire Jamaat, Naiymullah Khan, led the prayers. The mortal remains of Moulana Abid Khan were laid to rest at his family graveyard in Hakimpet.
A born orator, Moulana Abid Khan was associated with the revivalist Tabligh movement founded by Maulana Ilyas, right from his student days. He devoted his entire life for the ‘dawah’ work which aims at enjoining good and forbidding evil.