Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Higgs is not an Imposter

Original work on Higgs particle is nearly fifty years old.

Fifty years is a long time. Many angles of this particle have been explored by now.
Over and over again.
So if there were some goofy corners of the theory revolving around Higgs we would have found them by now.

So when a publications called Daily Mail says that Higgs is an imposter then it can only be a tabloid news - as Daily Mail is. (Warning: Undue body exposure in the first link).

Of course the news comes from Cornell faculty - that we have to accept. But lately people have seen some unscientific activity in this context. Someone, half-jokingly, called Higgs the God Particle and the public started taking it completely seriously. Some really serious scientists wrote papers that Higgs is taking steps so that it can not be discovered. Any regular observer of the events can even identify serious incidents which delayed discovery of Higgs.

The matter of fact is that all these events that delayed the discovery of Higgs were accidents. Let us get that out of the way.

Also this fifty years gap in the discovery is there because the things on that frontier are really complex and difficult - let us that also clear and out into open.

And finally - it is Higgs itself. Please put the new assertions under due scrutiny but do not shoot Higgs down.

Yours truly never new that it is so difficult to be conservative!