Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sinking In of Reality

Perhaps the reality is sinking.
The context is of the West in Afghanistan.
A BBC headline asks : What lies behind Afghanistan's insider attacks?
Now that is a right question to ask.
Then is the report header:
 A string of deadly insider attacks has been one of the defining features of the latest phase of the conflict in Afghanistan.
Once again a very pertinent observation.
But why did it take them all this long to ask these question?
The least that can be said about western troops present in Afghanistan is that they were never wanted there.
Let us keep the western perspective out of the way - it obscures the view.
Afghans never wanted the NATO forces in Afghanistan.
And it si also no secret that the problem is not Afghan problem - it is Muslim problem.
And the moment one accepts that Afghans are the unwilling party to the western action in that country then there is no further analysis is required to understand what is happening there.

Of course one more conclusion can be drawn from the western experience in Afghanistan.
West thinks that Russia was not defeated in Afghanistan - it a deception.
West does think that US defeated Russia in the Cold war.
Two things can not be reconciled.
So if one asserts that Russia was defeated then it was defeated in Afghanistan.
And that brings us to US/NATO operations in Afghanistan.
If, because of 9/11 events, Osama Bin Laden was the target of operations then it does not make much sense because latter was always on the fringe as far as US/NATO operations were concerned.
In fact elimination of Osama was damp squib.
And that leaves us with what the western forces did in Afghanistan.
So what did they do there?
Even if we introduce the pet western terminology - war against terror then one is left with equal number of questions.
Have they killed all the able bodies Afghans?
And even if the answer is no it still leaves us with the genocide question.
Among the latest news coming out of Afghanistan is the news of western forces training Afghans so that they can take over their defense once the western forces leaves.
The heart breaking aspect of the training scenes is that the western operatives can find only (sundry?) middle age illiterate villagers to train.
And that says a lot about what west has done to that country.