Sunday, September 16, 2012

Demonstrations All Over

Man like well being excessively.
Man would not like to suffer monitory loss.
There is another commodity, invisible one, that man does not like to loose.
This commodity consists of ideas and points of view.
West decided long ago to give up religion.
So that stopped being upset with mockery of religion.
And that is what they expect from others - not to be upset when religion is being made fun of.
They stopped being upset long back and find it difficult to digest that some one might be upset when a religious figure is mocked at.
They have an idea :  it is alright to insult religion.
They find it difficult to give up that idea.
They want Muslims to be like west.
Muslims have been pliable for so long.
Now they are refusing to be pliable.
Another idea that is difficult to accept, for the western people.