Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Prayer

O Lord Most High give us believers the sweetness of the taste of faith. O Lord Most High give faith to those whom you wish. Aameen.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Salam Umm-Tamim

You silly veiled woman. How can you enter CCU?
Read it here.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bureaucracy Bust

Bureaucracy is the same every where. It sucks. It sucks in India. It sucks in Spain. See it here, whether you know Spanish or not. The solution is idealistic, that is, it is no solution at all but nice idea to cheat yourself. This is one hell of an idea to please your heart Ghalib.

Via: The Reference Frame

(Enjoy while you can. The post will be later deleted, Inshaa Allah.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pure Life

What will you get for believing, having faith?
The Jannah, sooner or later.
If you supplement your faith with good deed? What will you get?
Various things are told at different places but at one place a Pure Life (Hayat-e-Taiyyaba) is promised.
There are further grades.
Surah Asr tells us that if above things, that is belief and good deeds, are supplemented by supporting truth and then by being patient and steadfast then you'll face no loss at all.
This is a mighty proposition from Lord Most Kind.
At one place it is said that the people of Jannah will have no regret except for the moments spent being forgetful of Allah (SWT). This is a painful idea. Who can claim that he has not passed even a moment without remembering Lord Most High?
Above proposition of Surah Asr is the one that lifts the sadness one feels in heart about past moments of forgetfulness.
Are there examples of people who can be taken as fitting the requirements of Surah Asr.
Well there are People of Allah.
Apart from them?
Actually that is what engendered the present post.
People at Aligarian forums have dug out an old article of William Dalrymple about Tipu Sultan (RA).
Read it. This is one story that never becomes old and that warms of your heart in spite of the fact that it is a tragic story.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When a Nastik Talks

He talks like this (or this, the same article). Do not forget to get your voice heard. It is not difficult and it is not your responsibility to convince any body.

Update 1: The two places have got 85 and 60 comments as of writing.

Computer Horror Show

People have ways of boasting.
Let us leave them out, to their own machinations.
But sometimes you have real stuff too.
Reality is stranger than fiction, as they say.
Take computer software. Then talk of those people who created the world wide web.
What kind of things those type of people do?
Have a look here. Do not be scared. It is readable. There is no argh!!! factor there. That factor comes into picture when one of those people is told that he should it all in Fortran. We kid you not.

After 1857

That is our problem. In 1857 Scholars and Elders were our leaders and Imams. Christians have craftily filled our hearts with their hatred. Now even an illiterate like me says that the whole problem is because of these Maulwis. If they are corrected then everything will be alright. I am in the house of Allah. I can tell it on oath that the day our relationship with Scholars becomes proper that day all troubles will be removed. Take every step after consultation with the Scholars.

Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab (DB)

Cross-Posted at Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh

Quarak Gluon Plasma Zindabad

That is just for the sake of a slogan.
Yes the Quark Gluon Plasma or QGP people have done their experiments at higher energies.
No super/bumper/dumper result to communicate to you people. Only some measurements of physical parameters will be done.
Yes some people from your Physics Department are part of this experiment.
The experiments are being done at LHC.
LHC stands for Large Hadron Collider.
LHC is at CERN, Geneva.
CERN stands for European Center for Nuclear Research. The abbreviation is not ECNR because the original name is in French and that can be abbreviated to CERN.
And most of the research work at CERN is no more about Nuclear Physics. It is about Particle Physics.

Here is the latest report that triggered the present post.

EDIT : People in your Physics Department are members of ALICE group. Results discussed above were from another group called ATLAS.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love Proving Einstein Wrong

Everybody loves proving Einstein wrong.

Search the present blog and you'll get to know that there is an Alig connection also in this direction.
Now there was Einstein and there was Einstein-in the sense that he worked on a large number of problems. Usually romantic images will limit a great scientist to a one stunt wonder. Einstein is not to be bound in such silly limitations. For example he had more than 200 hundred papers to his credit. Yes.
He worked on Special Theory of Relativity.
He worked on General Theory of Relativity.
He worked on Brownian motion.
He worked on Photo-Electric Effect. He got Nobel Prize for that.
He worked on Quantum Mechanics.
For example there is an EPR Paradox. Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen.
This is where you have some chance of proving him wrong. That is what people have been trying.
See, for example, here.
An to complete the other story interwoven with the main story, Einstein worked on many more things.

West Complains, East Not

Scientists are noble souls. They sacrifice big buck earning to advance the cause of humanity-generation of scientific knowledge. Such questions are and can be asked in the west. See here. We anyway do not carry any such hideous responsibilities on our shoulders.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great Western Rope Trick

Wait a minute isn't rope trick an Indian thing?
In deed that is what our western friends would like us to believe.
So what is it?
Firstly, go to Wikipedia, to get a gist. So in 19th century India there were magicians who could make a rope stand erect, without support. Plus a few more tricks.
The gist of gist?
Well these Indians are tricky. Aren't they?
The proponents of the great Indian rope trick, obviously, are the people who colonized India. By trick. Or a series of them.
And then they declared Indians to be tricky.
What about that as the Great Western Rope Trick? Rope trick without a rope.
But, as is usual here, that is not the trick that precipitated this post. It is another western trick that irked the conscience.
That trick is the combination of Darwinian evolution and holocaust.
You should not generalize evolution to sociology. This leads to social Darwinism. Later was manifested in holocaust. But you must stick to it in biology, they demand. Yes that is what. Science or no science in this case it is a demand. We are out to define science is the assertion in the background. Nothing objective about it.
But you should not ask questions like what scientific barrier is there to stop Darwin from leaking to sociology. That is bad science.

And then there another great western rope trick. Yes this time we'll let it pass in small letters. There was a tragedy of gigantic proportions-of the holocaust proportion called partition of India. A tragedy designed and executed by the west-under its divide and rule policy. It does not find the same place in history. Nor similar ensuing facilities to the suffering side. Another great western rope trick.
But how can there be so many great western rope tricks. Great is supposed to be unique.
Well isn't west great? That is why?

Google Event Not On Google

But it is there on Telegraph.

And it is via Not Even Wrong.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well Organized

Michael Tinkham wrote at least two books that became very famous. Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics in 1964 and Theory of Superconductivity in 1975. The former is the mainstay of AMU Physics Department's group theory training. The author died on November 4, 2010 and the famous physics magazine has an obituary.

There is a funny story at the end. Mike demanded that everything in the lab should be labeled. Students took action and labeled everything in the lab but sat with bowed head. When he came he asked them to look up. The words Graduate Students were written on their heads. Physics is lonely pursuit but people manage such lighter moments too.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where Did You Get It?

Where did you get your standard of honour and dishonour?

Friday, May 6, 2011

This is My Adieu

O Belal (RA) This is My Adieu

The link is given below, at the end.

Ya Maula salli wasallim daimun abadan 'ala habebika khairil khalqi kullihimi.

(O Lord send Peace and Blessings for all times on your beloved-the best of all creation.)

Notes: (1) Might break your heart from this world.
(2) It is extremely powerful.
(3) Has the potential of opening your eyes about many secrets of this world and the hereafter.
(4) If you have even smallest connection beloved Prophet (PBUH) then it is going to be tear jerking.

No, no tall claims here. Check for yourself.

Listen to it here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

F.D.Murad Imamuddin Gold Medal

You get F.D.Murad Imamuddin Gold Medal if you stand first in the M.Sc(Physics) examination of the Physics Department of your beloved Alma mater AMU, Aligarh.

Examples: Shilpam Sharma (2006)
Poonam Chandra(1997)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Someting from IANS

You know the background to this news item from AAA(An Alig's Armchair). Also Big ThinkDaily Bhaskar,
and News Tonight.