Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dear Abdul Hafiz Gandhi

I wrote the following on Abdul Hafiz Gandhi's Facebook page:

Dear AH, 

(1) I shall watch the documentary later but I have a few general comments, not in the context of this video.

 (2) I can see that you are seriously working on a political career. (3) My good wishes are with you. 

(4) Though it will be preposterous to claim statesmanship but that is what you should strive for. 

(5) Do strive for leadership - we need leaders. 

(6) I am talking as a Muslim and for Muslims. (7) My suggestion and request and recommendation is that you work towards becoming a leader of Muslims.

 (8) I affirm that it is perfectly legitimate to strive to become a national leader and as an individual my good wishes will be still with you. 

(9) By a national leader I mean a person who primarily thinks of the nation as a whole. 

(10) We have often heard that Muslims of India lack a leadership. I concur with that sentiment. That is why I request you to make Muslims your primary focus. 

(11) During about seven decades of independence Muslims of India, easily numbering any where from 20 to 25 crore, have been socially, culturally, economically and otherwise marginalized both by acts of omission as well as commission. 

(12) It will not be a communal act at all to focus upon this in justice but there will be enough people who might try to stick that label on you if you do take up that line of action. 

(13) Such accusation will have to be addressed and luckily they can be addressed. 

 (14) Democracy by default may end up marginalizing minorities. It by definition is prone to that. 

(15) That is what has happened to Muslims of India. 

(16) This is a serious problem. 

(17) We all know this much. 

 (18) This problem has to be addressed. 

(19) This needs serious hard work to work out a solution to this problem. 

(20) We need people to work on this problem. 

(21) we need people in all fields of life to address this problem.

 (22) We need people in politics to focus on this problem. 

(23) For a politician this is a good and reasonable objective to focus on the problem mentioned above. 

(24) It is absolutely constitutional.

 (25) In short aw well as long term career this should be a very rewarding decision to make this as a life long mission. 

(26) Nothing happens on its own at least when we are talking about our responsibilities.

 (27) We Muslims of India have to take care of our political, economic, social, cultural, economic, business and industrial interests. 

(28) Some body has to do it. 

(29) many people are required to do the needful - Muslim community is huge. 

(30) We need many leaders as well as a leader.

 (31) You can strive for the former as well as the latter. 

(32) Let us be clear about one thing - the country will not take care of our interests on its own. 

(33) Whether we like it or not injustice might take place both by acts of omission as well as commission. Let us not fool ourselves. 

(34) This is not an argument to distrust our brothers - we must always be thankful to those who are aware of our problems and have been considerate as well as mindful of our problems. 

(35) You are in JNU and that has a mighty ideology. 

(36) Allah (SWT) is almighty and you are His slave. And that is a honour as well as a protection as well as a duty. I am sure your environment will not overwhelm you and at the end you will remain an ambassador of Islam and Muslims in that environment. And I expect that you shall present yourself as a flag bearer of a way of life that is complete. 

(37) And that is perfectly constitutional. 

(38) I am sure Allah (SWT) shall reward you amply both in this world as well a in the hereafter. 

(39) Every political party has some Muslim faces. As an Alig and as a Muslim I shall be pained if you too end up merely as a Muslim face in some party. We need real leaders as well as well wishers of Ummah in our political system in India. 

(40) and that is perfectly constitutional. And I suppose for the time being I have said a lot.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tempo is High

Moments ago the chants of Tempo is High filtered into my room from the the window.

It means that some sort of activity for union elections was in action.
That is sad.
AMU is an academic institution and that is how it should be.
Union activity here simply takes over every other activity.
It defeats the whole purpose of an academic institution.
It is neither good for the university nor for the Aligarh Movement.

May I suggest the following? Those who concur with my above view should challenge the union supporters for an open debate. Yours truly would like to join you.

Student's union is no more a blessing for the university and we should take note of it and do away with it.

Academic benefit from AMU is the only legitimate benefit.
We should expose and isolate those who intend do derive other kind of benefits from the university that are not legitimate.

Any takers?