Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tempo is High

Moments ago the chants of Tempo is High filtered into my room from the the window.

It means that some sort of activity for union elections was in action.
That is sad.
AMU is an academic institution and that is how it should be.
Union activity here simply takes over every other activity.
It defeats the whole purpose of an academic institution.
It is neither good for the university nor for the Aligarh Movement.

May I suggest the following? Those who concur with my above view should challenge the union supporters for an open debate. Yours truly would like to join you.

Student's union is no more a blessing for the university and we should take note of it and do away with it.

Academic benefit from AMU is the only legitimate benefit.
We should expose and isolate those who intend do derive other kind of benefits from the university that are not legitimate.

Any takers?