Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pain of a Blogger

Many of the people in my blog list have not posted for a long time.

Clearly Lord Most high has made His presence felt.

And one of the bloggers, Dr Malih Ahmed Siddiqui, is no more in this world.

It is strange that even a platonic relationship like that of the internet can leave so much of pain in the heart.

Pain of Indian Muslims

Justice M. Katju wrote a status on his Facebook account in which he raised a question whether constitution of India has become outdated.

This sinner wrote a comment there. My contention is the following. In last 67 years India has been less than fair to its huge minority - the Muslims. This piece of reality must be included in any palling about future of India.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fear of Loss

You fear the loss of what you have.

You fear the loss of your material possessions.
You fear the loss of your emotional possessions.
You fear the loss of your spiritual possessions.

Only the last one is worth worrying about.

First one you should not fear - even if you run the risk of turning a rikshaw puller in Kolkata from a royal in Delhi. (We do have an example of Mughal family doing that in Kolkata.)

Your close people ditching you should not also bother you.
Though its effect will be much more severe than the material loss mentioned earlier. Emotional relations too are worldly. On the judgment day a mother shall be running away from her children. That is a terrible thing but the truth remains that emotional relations in the world may become useless at the end of the day.

Spiritual relations fall into a different category.
Reserve your most serious fears for them.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nobody is Bad at Heart

I am sorry that is not true.

There are people who are bad at heart.
And then there are people who are very bad.

That is life.

Combine this piece of reality with another wisdom from wise people - hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Something in Urdu

Aye aab-e-rood-e-ganga kya toone us waqt ko faramosh kar diya jab khuda shanason, ahl-e-ilm aur ahl-e-dil ke karvan tere kinare utre aur is sarzameen ki fazaoon mein deen-e-haq ki pardah kushayee ki? Haq ki sada se methee kaun si sada ho sakti hai? Malik aur Khaliq ke kalaam se behtar kaun see guftgoo ho sakti hai? Us Rahman-o-Raheem ke parastaron ke sath phir ye berukhi kyun? Unse itni adawat kyun? Kya apne dil-o-jigar ko tatol kar nahin dekha ki Muhammed (SAW) ke shaidayee tumhari us amanat ko baghair kisi tarmeem ke tum tak le aaye? Hamari kavish ka gar koyee pas nahin to na sahi magar apni is amanat se is qadar bezari kyun? Qasam hai us zaat ki jis ke qbze mein hamari janein hain humein apni is sayee ki tumse koyee ujrat nahi chahiye magar khudara is saugat ko sanbhalo jis se qeemti koi shai parvardigar ne nahi banayee. Badi door se aye huway logon ka ye tohfa muhabbat ka tohfa hai. Aur agar phir bhi tumhein is se inkar hai to phir humein apni zimmedari se farigh kar dijiye. Hum apni auqat ke mutabiq khair khwah hain aur apne eeman ke mutabiq mukhlis. Is khudayee eenam ko thukrana bade khasare ki baat hai.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

To Brother Aijaz Zaka Syed, With Love

Aijaz Zaka Syed is a gulf based journalist of Hyderabadi origin.

He has written a personal column about loneliness away from home and problems of Ummah.

This sinner feels a very large degree of consonance with his ideas.
Particularly when nearly every single modern educated Muslim wears the Macaulian robe shamelessly his writings are very reassuring.

But first a few words about Thomas Babbington Macaulay.
He was a British educationist and his use of English language has few parallels.
He was the person who theorized that British should impart such education to Indians that will make them British in thinking in spite of their dark skin.
And hence they will do the dirty job for the British.

While the British were in India not many Indians were fooled by this trickery.
Once they left nearly every modern educated India fell into that hideous trap.
They continue to do so. Especially Muslims. Including the Muslims of Pakistan.

And if you hear voices like that of Aijaz Zaka Syed in the midst of this unbroken Macaulian spell then it feels like a breeze.

Coming back to his loneliness. Well sacrifice is an integral part of a Muslim's life. But he tries to drown it in his concern for Ummah.

And that is what a believer is supposed to do.

In different corners of the world there will be Muslims who will appreciate these sacrifices and that can rightfully be taken as the harbinger of the good things in the hereafter.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dear Abdul Hafiz Gandhi

I wrote the following on Abdul Hafiz Gandhi's Facebook page:

Dear AH, 

(1) I shall watch the documentary later but I have a few general comments, not in the context of this video.

 (2) I can see that you are seriously working on a political career. (3) My good wishes are with you. 

(4) Though it will be preposterous to claim statesmanship but that is what you should strive for. 

(5) Do strive for leadership - we need leaders. 

(6) I am talking as a Muslim and for Muslims. (7) My suggestion and request and recommendation is that you work towards becoming a leader of Muslims.

 (8) I affirm that it is perfectly legitimate to strive to become a national leader and as an individual my good wishes will be still with you. 

(9) By a national leader I mean a person who primarily thinks of the nation as a whole. 

(10) We have often heard that Muslims of India lack a leadership. I concur with that sentiment. That is why I request you to make Muslims your primary focus. 

(11) During about seven decades of independence Muslims of India, easily numbering any where from 20 to 25 crore, have been socially, culturally, economically and otherwise marginalized both by acts of omission as well as commission. 

(12) It will not be a communal act at all to focus upon this in justice but there will be enough people who might try to stick that label on you if you do take up that line of action. 

(13) Such accusation will have to be addressed and luckily they can be addressed. 

 (14) Democracy by default may end up marginalizing minorities. It by definition is prone to that. 

(15) That is what has happened to Muslims of India. 

(16) This is a serious problem. 

(17) We all know this much. 

 (18) This problem has to be addressed. 

(19) This needs serious hard work to work out a solution to this problem. 

(20) We need people to work on this problem. 

(21) we need people in all fields of life to address this problem.

 (22) We need people in politics to focus on this problem. 

(23) For a politician this is a good and reasonable objective to focus on the problem mentioned above. 

(24) It is absolutely constitutional.

 (25) In short aw well as long term career this should be a very rewarding decision to make this as a life long mission. 

(26) Nothing happens on its own at least when we are talking about our responsibilities.

 (27) We Muslims of India have to take care of our political, economic, social, cultural, economic, business and industrial interests. 

(28) Some body has to do it. 

(29) many people are required to do the needful - Muslim community is huge. 

(30) We need many leaders as well as a leader.

 (31) You can strive for the former as well as the latter. 

(32) Let us be clear about one thing - the country will not take care of our interests on its own. 

(33) Whether we like it or not injustice might take place both by acts of omission as well as commission. Let us not fool ourselves. 

(34) This is not an argument to distrust our brothers - we must always be thankful to those who are aware of our problems and have been considerate as well as mindful of our problems. 

(35) You are in JNU and that has a mighty ideology. 

(36) Allah (SWT) is almighty and you are His slave. And that is a honour as well as a protection as well as a duty. I am sure your environment will not overwhelm you and at the end you will remain an ambassador of Islam and Muslims in that environment. And I expect that you shall present yourself as a flag bearer of a way of life that is complete. 

(37) And that is perfectly constitutional. 

(38) I am sure Allah (SWT) shall reward you amply both in this world as well a in the hereafter. 

(39) Every political party has some Muslim faces. As an Alig and as a Muslim I shall be pained if you too end up merely as a Muslim face in some party. We need real leaders as well as well wishers of Ummah in our political system in India. 

(40) and that is perfectly constitutional. And I suppose for the time being I have said a lot.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tempo is High

Moments ago the chants of Tempo is High filtered into my room from the the window.

It means that some sort of activity for union elections was in action.
That is sad.
AMU is an academic institution and that is how it should be.
Union activity here simply takes over every other activity.
It defeats the whole purpose of an academic institution.
It is neither good for the university nor for the Aligarh Movement.

May I suggest the following? Those who concur with my above view should challenge the union supporters for an open debate. Yours truly would like to join you.

Student's union is no more a blessing for the university and we should take note of it and do away with it.

Academic benefit from AMU is the only legitimate benefit.
We should expose and isolate those who intend do derive other kind of benefits from the university that are not legitimate.

Any takers?

Friday, February 28, 2014

My Favourite Story

This story was recounted by Prof. Khalid Al-Jubeir, consulting cardiovascular surgeon, in one of his lectures:

Once I operated on a two and a half year old child. It was Tuesday, and on Wednesday the child was in good health. On Thursday at 11:15 am – and I’ll never forget the time because of the shock I experienced – one of the nurses informed me that the heart and breathing of the child had stopped. I hurried to the child and performed cardiac massage for 45 minutes and during that entire time the heart would not work.

Then, Allaah Almighty decreed for the heart to resume function and we thanked Him. I went to inform the child’s family about his condition. As you know, it is very difficult to inform the patient’s family about his/her condition when it’s bad. This is one of the most difficult situations a doctor is subjected to but it is necessary. So I looked for the child’s father whom I couldn’t find. Then I found his mother. I told her that the child’s cardiac arrest was due to bleeding in his throat; we don’t know the cause of this bleeding and fear that his brain is dead.

So how do you think she responded?

Did she cry?

Did she blame me?

No, nothing of the sort. Instead, she said “Alhamdulillah” (All Praise is due to Allaah) and left me.

After 10 days, the child started moving. We thanked Allaah Almighty and were happy that his brain condition was reasonable. After 12 days, the heart stopped again because of the same bleeding. We performed another cardiac massage for 45 minutes but this time his heart didn’t respond. I told his mother that there was no hope. So she said:

“Alhamdulillah. O Allaah! If there is good in his recovery, then cure him, O my Lord!”

With the grace of ALLAH, his heart started functioning again. He suffered six similar cardiac arrests till a trachea specialist was able to stop the bleeding and the heart started working properly. Now, three and a half months had passed and the child was recovering but did not move. Then just as he started moving, he was afflicted with a very large and strange pus-filled abscess in his head, the likes of which I had never seen. I informed his mother of the serious development. She said “Alhamdulillah” and left me.

We immediately turned him over to the surgical unit that deals with the brain and nervous system and they took over his treatment. Three weeks later, the boy recovered from this abscess but was still not moving. Two weeks pass and he suffers from a strange blood poisoning and his temperature reaches 41.2°C (106°F). I again informed his mother of the serious development and she said with patience and certainty:

“Alhamdulillah. O Allaah! If there is good in his recovery, then cure him.”

After seeing his mother who was with her child at Bed #5, I went to see another child at Bed #6. I found that child’s mother crying and screaming,

“Doctor! Doctor! Do something! The boy’s temperature reached 37.6°C (99.68°F)! He’s going to die! He’s going to die!”

I said with surprise, “Look at the mother of that child in Bed #5. Her child’s fever is over 41°C (106°F), yet she is patient and praises Allaah.” So she replied:

“That woman isn't conscious and has no senses”.

At that point, I remembered the great Hadith of the Prophet (Sallallaahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam): “Blessed are the strangers.” Just two words… but indeed two words that shake a nation! In 23 years of hospital service, I have never seen the likes of this patient sister.

We continued to care for him. Now, six and a half months have passed and the boy finally came out of the recovery unit – not talking, not seeing, not hearing, not moving, not smiling, and with an open chest in which you can see his beating heart. The mother changed the dressing regularly and remained patient and hopeful. Do you know what happened after that? Before I inform you, what do you think are the prospects of a child who has passed through all these dangers, agonies, and diseases? And what do you expect this patient mother to do whose child is at the brink of the grave and who is unable to do anything except supplicate and beseech Allaah Almighty? Do you know what happened two and a half months later? The boy was completely cured by the mercy of Allaah and as a reward for this pious mother. He now races his mother with his feet as if nothing happened and he became sound and healthy as he was before.

The story doesn't end here. This is not what moved me and brought tears to my eyes.

What filled my eyes with tears is what follows:

One and a half years after the child left the hospital, one of the brothers from the Operations Unit informed me that a man, his wife and two children wanted to see me. I asked who they were and he replied that he didn’t know them. So I went to see them, and I found the parents of the same child whom I operated upon. He was now five years old and like a flower in good health – as if nothing happened to him. With them also was a four-month old newborn. I welcomed them kindly and then jokingly asked the father whether the newborn was the 13th or 14th child. He looked at me with an astonishing smile as if he pitied me. He then said,

“This is the second child, and the child upon whom you operated is our first born, bestowed upon us after 17 years of infertility. And after being granted that child, he was afflicted with the conditions that you've seen.”

At hearing this, I couldn't control myself and my eyes filled with tears. I then involuntarily grabbed the man by the arm, and pulling him to my room, asked him about his wife:

“Who is this wife of yours who after 17 years of infertility has this much patience with all the fatal conditions that afflict her first born?! Her heart cannot be barren! It must be fertile with Imaan!”

Do you know what he said? Listen carefully my dear brothers and sisters. He said,

“I have been married to this woman for 19 years and for all these years she has never missed the [late] night prayers except due to an authorized excuse. I have never witnessed her backbiting, gossiping, or lying. Whenever I leave home or return, she opens the door, supplicates for me, and receives me hospitably. And in everything she does, she demonstrates the utmost love, care, courtesy, and compassion.”

The man completed by saying,

“Indeed, doctor, because of all the noble manners and affection with which she treats me, I'm shy to lift up my eyes and look at her."

So I said to him: “And the likes of her truly deserve that from you.”

Source: EALIM

Thursday, February 27, 2014

FaceBook Experience

Because of a compelling reason yours truly ended up at FaceBook.
And yours truly is feeling very awkward.
Being a private person it was never an ambition to be there.
And then yours truly never expected to know many people there.
That turned out to be wrong.
There are hoards of people there whom yours truly recognizes.
The truth of the matter is that yours truly can not deal with so many people.
There are several faces that yours truly does not want to be friends with.
Then there are faces who sent a surge of emotional tornadoes into heart.
It feels so blessing to have known so many people with so many worldly blessings.
People beautiful in worldly sense.
A friend with whom chemistry was unbelievably smooth.
A girl using the nickname this sinner gave to her.
Awkward former students trying to come out of their hesitations.
People with professional connection enjoying themselves.
Long lost family connections.
And the works.

But yours truly intends to be there for  a short period only.
Sunni Forum was the best at any rate.
Miss you all brothers and sisters.
But kindly be happy for this sinner also for getting the opportunity to connect with some missing pieces of life.
Supplications requested.
May Allah (SWT) grant you the best of the both worlds.
This sinner feels so blessed for knowing you all.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Release Muslims

Encroachment upon social, cultural, economic, political, business and financial space of Muslims has been taking place in independent India at a study pace.

The solution is simple.

Release their social, cultural, economic, political, business and financial space to Muslims.

This would be natural justice.

This brings us to the next question. Who will do that and how?

But that is the next question.
First we have to agree upon above diagnosis.
Mere utterance of above concerns is sure to give many a people goose pimples.
Yours truly would like to assure these people that they need not be alarmed.
Release of their social, cultural, economic, political, business and financial space to Muslims will benefit everyone.
Muslims, non-Muslims, Indians, non-Indians.
Just for an example think of oil economy in the Gulf.
Aren't non-Muslims benefiting from it?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Language Employed

This is a specialized post but the subject matter has universal importance in present times.

Here is a Cornell University programme regarding the language used by psychopaths versus the language used by common criminals.

Here are the main differences.

(1) Psychopaths and non-psychopaths talk differently about murder.
(The studies were done on incarcerated prison psychopaths and non-psychopath killers.)

(2) Psychopaths use causally subjunctive words and coordinative clauses like so, because etc as if there was purpose behind the killing - a higher motive. Non-psychopaths talked of killing as a reaction to a situation.

(3) Non-psychopaths tried to distance themselves from the event by putting it into past and using more past tense and less present tense while psychopaths did not.

(4) Psychopaths use less emotionally intense language. They are emotionally barren. They are superficially glib and charming but they find it difficult to describe their crime, they are haphazard in its description. Their speech is less cohesive.

(5) Psychopaths talk a lot about what they ate that day. When asked to describe their murder that day they talk a lot about what they ate and drank that day. ( Killing for them is gratifying like eating and drinking?)

(6) Psychopaths talk about money more often.

(7) Psychopaths talked more about  lower level needs while non-psychopath killers talked about spirituality and religion, family.

(8) These people have been in jail for at least ten years but still talked about peripheral  things though they had enough time to absorb the responsibility for the act.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ramchandra Guha on Liberalism in an Age of Extremes

Today noted social scientist and historian of modern India Ramchandra Guha gave Sir Syed Memorial Lecture in the Engineering College Auditorium. The topic was Liberalism in Times of Extremes.

This post is a collection of my thoughts in relation to that.

Here is my punchline. Yours truly may not agree with all that Dr Guha says but he is amongst those people who make it a pleasure to be an Indian in these times when pollution on ideas and ideologies abound.

When yours truly arrived at the venue there was milling crowd outside the lecture hall. Another lecture, by General Ata Hasnain, on Internal Security and Human Rights Challenges was in progress and had overshot its time.

Dr Guha himself was outside, taking tea. Dr Arshi Khan managed to get him in and arranged a seat for him. Dr Khan is a dynamic youngish faculty member in the social sciences.

The lecture was supposed to begin at 11:30 AM but it would be nearly 2.00 PM before we would be through it.

Outside the lecture Professor Ahtisham Ahmed Nizami was standing with Professor Abul Hasan Siddiqui. Former retired a few years ago from Mechanical Engineering department while later retired many years ago from Mathematics Department. "Sometimes do remember this Faqir too," said Professor Nizami to yours truly. This was a magnificent way of showing affection. Another of those subtle gestures of God that make it a pleasure to be at AMU. Yours truly made an intention to visit him and said so.

While inside the hall one heard Lt. General Zamiruddin Shah making his presidential remarks on the last lecture assuring the public, and hence the country, that in the internal security matters objective of Army is only to restore a semblance of law and order and then to withdraw. Yours truly did not realize that it would be strangely relevant for the nest lecture too.

The lecture was organized by Professor Tariq Ahmed, Chairman of the Department of History and Director of Sir Syed Academy at AMU. Professor Pervez Talib of Department of Business Administration did the spade work to bring Dr Guha to Aligarh and introduced the speaker and invited him for the lecture with a emotional Urdu couplet.

Dr Guha began with a diversion on how he ended up being a historian of modern India though he has no formal historical training. He is originally a sociologist.
Being an untrained historian has both advantages as well as disadvantages.

The advantage is that you come with no prejudices while the disadvantage is that you need a background.

Coming to the topic he began with the Oxford dictionary definition of liberalism that focuses on three points like willingness to discard outdated notions, willingness to accept ideas different from one's own and free trade.

He identified Raja Ram Mohan Roy as the first amongst the maker of modern India and Sir Syed as number two and admitted that he has come to realize importance of Sir Syed only for last six or seven years. Iqbal, Gandhi, Tagore and Nehru are the other names in the same vein.

He asserted that both Roy and Sir Syed faced opposition from their own co-religionists more than any one else.

In the context of India he enumerated past threats to liberal ethos in India from left, the Maoist Movement, from the right, the Hindutva brigade ( and he was quick to add extremism in Kashmir) and the center itself. The challenge from the center was emergency in 1975 by Indira Gandhi.

He said we were students when Sanjay Gandhi was the second most powerful person in India after Indira and she consulted him on every matter. Holding of general election in January 1977 was perhaps the only matter in which she did not consult his younger son. He certainly would have advised against it. He surmised that it is possible that her conscience, based on her father's letters to her made her guilty in her own mind.

But she did set an unhealthy trend in India politics - turning Congress into a family party. Many parties have followed suit. This is one of the dangers to liberalism in India and it is neither left oriented nor right oriented but from the center.

In spite of doom sayers predictions of breakup India has survived intact because of its liberalism but it has been a tremendous effort to maintain that. He has been criticized by left, right and center but the fact that he functions is a tribute to the same liberalism.

The picture is not gloomy at all, he said.

The lecture was awesome and several people attested to the fact later on.
The Vice Chancellor abandoned his prepared text and took up impromptu the points raised by Dr Guha. He was quite in a form today. Pro Vice Chancellor, Brigadier Syed Ahmed Ali made very perceptive remarks on the lecture - these Army people surely have a presence of mind.

At least once Dr Guha delivered something on Mullahs looking directly into yours truly's eyes. Wow! ( Yours truly looks like a Mullah!) Courageous. (Later on Brigadier Ali would hurriedly redirect his glances away from this Mullah!)
Yours truly does not like to make waves.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Some Persian Poetry

Here is some Persian poetry.
Yours truly has not gone trough it but it looks like a good collection.


Kaare bagair ishq na daarem dar jahaan

Ishq ast kaare maa va badeen kaar aamdem
I have no mission except Love in this world
My mission is Love and my work is Love
Aanaa ke khaak raa ba nazar keemiyaa kunand
Aayaa bavad ke goshaye chashme ba maa kunand
Those who can turn dust into gold with a single glance-
Would that they would cast a glance at us!
Sohbate yak saayate baa auliyaa
Behtar az sad saalaye taayat be riyaa
One moment spent in the company of a man of God
Is better than a hundred years of meditation
Nami goyam ke az duniyaan judaa baash
Ba har kaare ke baashi ba Khudaa baash
I do not say that you must leave the world
But in every work that you must do, keep God with you


Kaan raa ke badaadand badaadand badaadand
Vaan raa ke na daadand na daadand na daadand
He, whom He gives, He gives, and He goes on giving
And He, whom He does not give, He never gives
Khaaham ke na gardam zato gaafil yak dam
Afsos azeen ghaflate har dam, har dam
I had wished that I forget Thee not, even for a single breath-
Alas, I rue now the moments of forgetfulness, with every breath


Rishtaye dar gardanam afgandaa dost
Mee burad har jaa ke khaatir khaaye dost
My Eternal Friend has put a string around my neck
And leads me wheresoever He wills


Bishkanad daste ke kham dar khidmate yaare na shud
Kor beh chashme ke lazzatgeer deedaare na shudh
The hands are better broken if they have not been bent to serve the Lord
The eyes are better blind if they have not had the joy of seeing Him


Andeshaye khaar ast dareen saire gulistaan
Dar khilvate dil gulshane be khaar babeened
There is the fear of thorns while strolling in the gardens of the world,
But in the silence of the heart, you can look upon a garden without thorns


Dile daaram ke dar vai gham na gunjad
Che jaaye gham ke shaadi ham na gunjad
I have a heart in which there is no sorrow,
Nay, there is no place in it for joy as well
Behijaabaana daraa az dare kaashaanaye maa
Ke kase nest vajuz darde to dar khaanaye maa

Enter thou within the doors of my dwelling without any hesitation,
For here there is nothing else except a pain for you


Bahaaye khesh mee daanam ba-neeme jau nami arzad
Agar Maulaa karam saazad bahaaye be-bahaa kar dard
I know my worth, it is not even that of half a mustard seed
But if the Lord showers His Grace, I shall become priceless


Raihmate Haq bahaa nami joyad
Raihmate Haq bahaanaa mi joyad
The Grace of the Lord does not demand a price
The Grace of the Lord seeks an excuse to come!
Shaadbaashe ishqe khush saudaaye maa
Vai tabeebe jumlaa illat-haaye maa
O My Love, may thou ever remain happy,
For thou hast healed me of all my infirmities


Jaane azeez kaabile sozo gudaaz nest
Een rishtaa raa masoz ke chand een daraaz nest
O my dear beloved friend, do not burn it-
For this string of life is not long enough
Gadaa sultaan shavad gar zaan ke sultaan
Nishaanad bar sareere khud gadaaraa
A beggar cannot become a king, unless the king so wills-
And brings the beggar to the throne himself


Too az hukame daavar gardan ma pech
Ke gardan na pechaz za hukme to hech
Turn not away from the order of thy Master
And none shall turn away from any order that is thine


Har kujaa darde davaa aanjaa ravad
Har kujaa pasteest aab aanjaa ravad
Where there is a pain, the medicine must go
And where there is a slope, the water must flow

Husne Yusuf dame Eesaa yade Baizaadaari
Annche khooban hamaadaarand to tanhaadaari
The beauty of Yusuf, the breath of Christ, the rod of Moses,
That which each one of them had separately, thou hast with thee, alone
Deeno duniyaan dar kamande aan pari rukhsaare maa
Har do aalam keemate yak taar mooye yaare maa
This world and the next are in the fold of that fairy faced One
The two worlds together are the price of a single hair of my loved One


Kaar saaze maa ba fikre kaare maa
Fikre maa dar kaare maa aazaare maa
The doer of my works is worrying over them,
It is only my worrying over them that is the cause of my distress

Naa bazoro naa bazaari naa bazar mi aayad
Khud ba khud aan bute Ayyaar bavad mi aayad
Neither force, nor crying, nor wealth shall cause Him to come
He shall come, all by Himself in silence, like the statue of Ayyaar
Gadaa kooye turaa maile baadshaahi nest
Havaaye sultanat va zauke kaj kulaahi nest
The beggar of Thy Lane seeks not to become a king,
He cares not for the glory of a kingdom nor the majesty of an awry crown
Khud makun begaanagi baare choon meedaani ke charkh
Aashanaayaa raa za yak digar judaayi mee dihad
Seek not to separate from one another so soon,
For the rotation of the skies shall surely bring about a separation one day


Gar che zamaane na bavad guzashto daure rasool
Vali zahoore valaayat dareen zamaanaye maa ast
Though the age of the seers, prophets and messiahs is gone,
The time has come for me to reveal myself in the world
Har ke khidmat kard o makhdoom shud
Har ke khud raa deed o maadoom shud
He, who is given over to service, becomes a master

But he who looks only to himself becomes non-existent
Haq jaane jahaan asto jahaan jumlaa badan
Tauheed hameenasto deegar haa hamaafan
The Lord is the life of the Universe and the Universe His body
This alone is truth and the rest is all conjecture


Na tanhaa ishq az deedaar khezad
Bas aan ki daulat az guftaar khezad
Love does not spring only on seeing
It is that wealth which can be had on hearing as well


Ai lakaayato javaabe har savaal
Mushkil az to har shavad be keelo kaal
O Thou art a Dictionary with an answer to every question
One which solves all difficulties without asking


Khaaham ke too paak shavi az jurm
Varnaa bandaa hargiz balaa na farishtam
I had wished that thou be freed of all sin
Otherwise, O man, I would not have sent retribution on thee

Bani aadam aazaaye yak deegar and
Ke dar aafreenash za yak jauhar and
Man is but a part of man,
For their birth is of one essence

Har ke az dil khezad
Bar dil rezad
That which comes from the heart-
Must go to the heart
Khastgaaraa noshdaaru mee diham
Bastgaaraa dar kushaayi mee kunam
To those afflicted, I bring a cure
To those in bondage, I bring freedom


Bayaa ai shekh dar khumkaanaye maa
Ke sharaabe khur dar kausar na baashad
O Shekh ! Enter thou into my drinking tavern
And drink of that wine not found even in heaven !



Dosh az masjid sooye maikhaana aamad peere maa
Cheest yaaraane tareekat baad azeen tadbeeere maa
Leaving the place of worship, our Master entered a drinking tavern,
O thou orthodox believers, what else could we do but follow him!
Ai khush aan roz ke aayiyo ba sad naaz aayi
Behijaabaana sooye maifile maa baaz aayi
O what a joyous day it will be when thou shalt come with a hundred glories,
Without any  hesitation, into my dwelling place again
Mardmaanash az hamaa pakeeza tar
Khoob rooyo, khoob khooyo, khush sear
Those who are the purest of the pure- His lovers,
Have faces that are beautiful, natures that are beautiful, and habits that are beautiful


Jamaale hamnasheen dar man asar kard
Vagarnaa man hamaa khaakam ke hastam
It is the light of my Eternal Friend that illuminates my existence,
Baihare yak nazzaaraa bar dare oo
Saal haa saal intazar mee baayad kard
For a single glimpse of Thee at Thy door,
I can wait year after year


Yak saayate hazooriye oo een chuneen guzasht
Man ijz boodan oo hamaa naazo garoor bood
A single moment before Him passed in such a way
That I was all humility and He was All Glory


Makaane yaar door az man na par daaram na paa ai dil
Ajab dar mushkil uftaadam chunaan tai saazam een manzil
My Beloved’s house is far away, I have neither wings nor feet, O heart!
It is a strange dilemma this - how can I ever reach my destination ?


Dostaan raa kujaa kunee maihroom
To ke ba dushmanaa nazar daari
How canst Thou forget Thy friends,
Thou who art even by the side of Thine enemies!
Shaadbaashe dil ke fardaa bar sare baazaare ishq
Muzdaye katl ast gar che vaadaye deedaar nest
Be happy, O Heart! That tomorrow in the bazaar of Love
There are the tidings of death, though not the promise of union

Har kamaale ke maasavaaye Haq ast
Dar haqueeqat zavaal mi daanam
Every rise in the world other than towards God,

In reality, I look upon as a downfall

Baiharest baihare ishq ke hechash kinaaraa nest
Een jaa juz een ke jaan ba supaarand chaaraa nest
The Ocean of Love is an ocean without a shore,
In this place there is no choice but to give up one's life


Agar dar khaanaa khas ast
Yak harf bas ast
It it enters the realm of the heart
Even one word is but enough


Khaanaye Saadi choon deedam ba yak mushte khaaro khas ast
Kaarvaane raihravaan raa een kadar manzil bas ast
I saw the house of Saadi- and it was a house of straw and thorns,
"For the caravan of life that goes along the way, this much of a place is enough!"


Jaan jaanaa rabb de varnaa vistaanad ajal
Khud too munsif baash ai dil, een na ko yaa aan na ko
Give up thy life to thy Beloved otherwise there is death to take it
Be thou thy own judge, O heart, whether to give it here, or to give it there!


Cheh pursee zaahidaa vakte sharaabam
Pesh az iptadaa man baadaa khaaram
O philosopher, why askest thou me the time of my drinking?
I was drunk even before the dawn of Creation!
Hargiz na meerad aanke dilash zindaa shud ba ishq
Sab dast bar jareedaye aalam davaame maa
He never dies whose heart lives on in Love
In the office of this world, the seal of immortality shall ever be mine!
Gar falak kaare turaa barham zanad az jau marau
Jaamaa raa khayyaat kataa baihare dokhtan
If the skies dash thy hopes to pieces, be not distressed
For the tailor cuts the cloth only to sew it
Kilaafe tareekat bavad auliyaa
Ke tammanaaye az Khudaa juz Khudaa
It is against the nature of holy men
To desire anything from God except God


Har kaseraa baihare kaare saakhtan
Maile oo dar khaatarash andaakhtan
Every person in the world is meant for some work
And has been endowed with that inclination


Baa yaar kase dast dar aagosh naa kard
Taa tarke zaro seemo dilo hosh na kard
Thou cannot have the Beloved in thy embrace
Till thou has given up thy gold and silver, thy heart and thy senses


Kushtgaane khanjare tasleem raa
Har zamaa az gaib jaane deegarast
For those who die willingly on the field of Love,
There comes a new life, every moment, from a direction unknown


Sar baraihna nestum, daaram kulaahe chaar tark
Tarke duniyaa, tarke ukbaa, tarke maulaa, tarke tark
My head is not uncovered, it has a four-cornered cap (whose corners show)
I have left the world, left salvation, left my God, and left even the notion of leaving!

Na shagoofaa-am, na samran, na darakhte saayaa daaram
Dar hairatam ke daihkaan cheh kaar kisht maaraa
I am neither a flower, nor a fruit, nor a tree that gives shelter

I wonder for what purpose the Creator has sent me upon earth

Agar Firdaus bar rooye zameenasto
Hameenasto, hameenasto, hameenasto!
If on earth there be any Paradise,
It is this, it is this, it is this!

Eesaa agar murdaa ba sad duaa zindaa
Sad murdaa kunee zindaa shokh ba dushnaami
If Christ could raise a dead man with a hundred prayers,
My Beloved can raise a hundred dead with a single rebuke!

Maa shaakhe bulandem pur az mevaye tauheed
Gar raahguzar sang zanad aar na daarem
I am a tall branch filled with the fruits of Reality
If passers by hurl stones, I am not surprised

Murgaane hamaavaaz majmooye azeen gulkhan
Parreeeda badaan gulshan ba gariftaa nasheman haa
Birds of the same voice, living together in the furnace of existence

Fly away at last towards their nest in the garden

To za kujaa gariftayi ai gule shokh rangoboo
Gar ba chaman na deedayi yaare chaman taraaz raa
From whence hast thou captured this beauteous scent and colour, O Rose,
If thou has not seen the Creator of this garden?


Bishnau az nai choon hikaayat mee kunad
Vaz judaayi haa shikaayat mee kunad
Ask of the flute the meaning of its cry-
It plays the mournful note of separation

Hubaabam bar sare aabam za buniyaadam che me pursee
Havaa taa dar sare daaram dareen veeraanaye aabaadam
I am a bubble on the crest of water, ask me not of my foundation,
For as long as there is air within me I am alive in this wilderness


Bandaaye ishq shudi tarke nasab kun Jaami
Ke dareen raah falaan ibne falaan cheeze nest
When thou hast become a slave of Love, O Jaami, give up the boast of thy birth
For on this path, so and so, the son of so and so, is meaningless


Maile man sooye visaalo kasde oo sooye firaak
Tarke kaame khud gariftam taa baraayad kaame dost
I desire Union, He desires separation
I give up my desire and am united with my Friend's Will


Har ke vakte subah dam dar yaade Haq bedaar nest
Oo muhabbat raa che daanand laayake deedar nest
He who thinks not of God early with the first breath of morning
What can he know of Love, when he is not worthy of a glimpse of Him


Man lazzate darde to ba darmaa na farosham
Kufr sare zulfe to ba eemaan na farosham
I shall not sell the pain for Thee for the sake of medicine
I shall not give up Love's heresy for the sake of belief


Maraa har zarraa zarraate aalam
Ba to raahe visaal mee numaayad
Every particle of the Universe
Shows to me the way to unite with Thee

Havaa maseeh nafas gasht va baad naafaa kushaa
Darakht sabz shudo murg dar kharosh aamad
The air is now invigorating and the breeze scatters scent
The trees are turning green and the nightingales are singing

Sarnavishte maa ba daste khud navisht
Khush naveesast oo na khaahad bad navisht
The writer of my destiny is writing with his own hand
His handwriting is so beautiful that he can never write anything unkind
Insaan ke shikam seri az yak naan ast
Vaz hirso havas shaamo saihar nalaan ast
Man whose stomach is filled with but one piece of bread
Cries day and night in greed and lust

Bedaar shau az khaab ki een jumlaa khayaalaat
Andar nazare mardame bedaar choo khaabast
Awaken thou from these dreams, for all these thoughts
Are like a dream for one who is awakened


Ai dil bakooye ishq guzaare nami kunee

Saamaan jamaadaariyo kaare nami kunee

O heart, thou hast wandered not in the lane of Love,
Thou hast collected a lot, but for nothing

Ayaan hai jab vo khud hee dareen jaa
To matlab rahaa kyaa hamen nihaan se
When He Himself is revealed in every place
What need have we for One who is hidden
Azeen masaa-ibe dauraan manaalo, shaadaan baash
Ke teere dost ba paihlooye dost mee baayad
Be not afraid of the troubles of the world- be joyous!
For 'tis the arrow of a friend, coming to the embrace of another friend

Ba naame aan ki oo naame nadaarad
Ba har naame ki khwaani sar bar aarad
By what name canst thou call Him--
For He answers to every name that exists!


Maneh dil bareen daihare naa-paayedaar
Za Saadi hameen yak sukhan yaad daar
Give not thy heart to this perishable world
Remember this one word of advice from Saadi


Ham Khudaa khwaahi va ham duniyaaye doon
Een khyaalasto mahaalasto janoon
We desire God and we are attached to the world
This thought is farcical, it is that of a madman


Ai azeez dar khurdi pasti, dar javaani masti, dar peeri susti
Ai madhosh khudaa raa kai parasti
O friend, when a child thou wert too small, when a youth thou wert full of fire, when old thou wert wearied--

O thou lost in forgetfulness! What time didst thou leave for God?


Az mafaakaate amal gaafil mashau
Gandam az gandam baroyad, jau za jau
Be not ignorant of the fruits of your actions
If thou sow wheat, thou shall reap wheat, and barley shall give barley


Maa dar che khayaalemo falak dar che khayaal
Kaare ke Khudaa kunad falak raa cheh majaal
I think in one way and the skies in another
But what must be, is God's Will, and the stars can scarce act otherwise


Baa maute akhtayaari har ke murdaa
Za maidaane haqueeqat goye burdaa
He who dies a willing death
Carries the day on the playground of Reality


Gar nami khwaahi shavam dil khastagi
Jaaneman! vaakas makun dil bastagi
If thou wish thy heart be never broken,
Then O beloved friend, bind it not to anything
Anche bar khud na pasandi
Bar deegaraan maa pasandi
That which thou dost not like for thyself
Do not unto others


Ain hasti khud tooyi pas az to choon munkar shavem
Hujjate hastiye tust een hastiye inkaare maa
Thou art Existence itself, how can we deny Thee?
Our very denial of Thy existence is a proof of Thee!


Maa em pur gunaah to dariyaaye raihmati
Jaaye ki fazale tust che baashad gunaahe maa
We are full of sin, and Thou art a river of Mercy
Where Thy Kindness prevails our sinfulness canst scarce remain
Darmiyaane kaare dariyaa takhtaa bandam kar dayee
Baaz mee goyi ke daaman tar makun hoshiyaar baash
In the middle of the river thou hast set me afloat on a plank
And sayest: 'Careful, lest thy clothes get wet'
Shabe taareeko beeme maujo girdaabe chuneen haayal
Kujaa daanad haale maa subuk saaraane saahil haa
The night is dark, the waves with whirpools threatening
What know they of our plight - those who stand on the shore


Shabe maahtaabo baade khush labe dariyaa sanam dar bar
Kisaan daanand haale maa gareekaane tammavuj haa
A moonlit night, a wondrous wind, the shore in sight and the Beloved by my side-
How canst they know of my joy, they who drown in the waves!


Gar javaani taubaa kard
Shevaaye paigambarest
He who knows of repentance in youth
Has the makings of a Prophet

Sarv kadaa chamaan chamaan bar labe joo ravaan ravaan
Farshe rahe to kumriyaan taalaye shaan bapaa kushaa
Tall as the Cyprus tree, walk thou by the side of the stream
Thy floor is the bowed heads of thy lovers whose destiny thou hast unlocked


Jaame za mai baaki az daste khushe Saaki
Baa kasrate mushtaaki mee joyomo mi raksam
I take the cup of the wine of eternity from the beautiful hands of the Saki
I drink from it and then dance with ecstasy forever


Raihnavardaane muhabbat raa payaam az maa rasaan
Kaan dareen raah yak kadam az khud guzashtam manzil ast
To those who walk on the path of Divine Love, give this, my message,
That on this path, to put one step further, beyond  one's ego is to reach the destination


Dauraane baakaa choon baade seharaa biguzasht
Talkheeyo khusheeyo zebo zishto biguzasht
The time of life passed away like the wind over the jungle,
The good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly- all passed away


Kavi shudem che shud, naatvaan shudem che shud
Chuneen shudem che shud, chunaan shudem che shud
Bahech gunaa dareen gulsitaan karaare nest
To gar bahaar shudi maa khizaan shudem che shud

Thou hast become strong, or thou hast become weak, what then ?
Thou hast become like this, or thou hast become like that, what then ?
No matter how much thou may try, thou cannot stay in this garden of life,
So if thou dost become the Spring, and I, the Autumn, ah, what then ?


Yaareen beguzeen ke bevafaayi na kunad
Dil khastaa turaa dar aashanaayi na kunad
Paibastaa dar aagoshe kinaarat gardard
Hargiz za to yak gaam judaayi na kunad

Make such a friend who will not betray thee,
Who will not break thy heart in love,
Who will ever be by thy side,
And never be separate from thee even for a single step


Aitbaare vaadaahaaye mardame duniyaan galat
Haan galat, aare galat, imshab galat, fardaa galat
Nuskhaye beenaayiye deevaane umre maa mapurs
Khud galat, mazmoon galat, inshaa galat, imlaa galat

It is wrong to rely on the promises of worldly men
They are wrong, this night is wrong, tomorrow night is wrong,
Ask not me of the illumination of my life
I am wrong, my spelling wrong, my writing wrong, and my dictation wrong


Cheest duniyaa sar basar purseedam az farzaanaye
Guft, yaa khaabast, yaa baadast, yaa afsaanaye
Keest aankas ke baro shaidaa shavad jaan mee dehad ?
Guft, yaa dev asto, yaa gool asto, yaa deevaanaye

‘What is this world in all its fullness?’ I asked a wise man,
He replied: ‘It is either like a dream, or like the wind, or like a story!’
‘Who would wish to stake his life on such a world?’
He replied: ‘Either a ghost, or a will-o-the-wisp, or a madman!’


Baaz aamdam baaz aamdam
Taa vakt raa maimoo kunam
Baaz aamdam baaz aamdam
Taa darde dil afzoon kunam

I have come again, I have come again
To make the times a-glorious
I have come again, I have come again
To increase the pain of love in the hearts
I have come again, I have come again


Pas az man shere man khaanando mi goyando dar yaa band
Jahaane raa deegar gun kard yak marde khud aagaahe
After I am gone, they shall read my verse and think of the being who came into their midst,
Who knew of himself, and who changed the world and left


Source: ReoCities