Thursday, February 27, 2014

FaceBook Experience

Because of a compelling reason yours truly ended up at FaceBook.
And yours truly is feeling very awkward.
Being a private person it was never an ambition to be there.
And then yours truly never expected to know many people there.
That turned out to be wrong.
There are hoards of people there whom yours truly recognizes.
The truth of the matter is that yours truly can not deal with so many people.
There are several faces that yours truly does not want to be friends with.
Then there are faces who sent a surge of emotional tornadoes into heart.
It feels so blessing to have known so many people with so many worldly blessings.
People beautiful in worldly sense.
A friend with whom chemistry was unbelievably smooth.
A girl using the nickname this sinner gave to her.
Awkward former students trying to come out of their hesitations.
People with professional connection enjoying themselves.
Long lost family connections.
And the works.

But yours truly intends to be there for  a short period only.
Sunni Forum was the best at any rate.
Miss you all brothers and sisters.
But kindly be happy for this sinner also for getting the opportunity to connect with some missing pieces of life.
Supplications requested.
May Allah (SWT) grant you the best of the both worlds.
This sinner feels so blessed for knowing you all.