Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dr Abu Tamim ( Malih Ahmed Siddiqui ) : In Memorium

With utmost sadness I have to announce that an Internet friend of mine, Dr Malih Ahmed Siddiqui , a diabetes expert from Mumbai died on Thursday, January 2, 2014.

He is survived by three sons, less than a year old Abu Hani, about three years old Abu Shamail and about five years old Abu Tamim and his gynecologist wife.

Verily we belong to our Lord and unto Him is our return.

The news was broken to us by Dr Siddiqui's mother through Maulana Junaid from Gujrat.

This sinner came to know about him through Sunni Forum where the feisty doctor used to post under the user name Abu Tamim.

He had a characteristic style of smothering long pompous posts against Islam by breaking it into sentences and replying to each argument one at a time with  academic vigour and exemplary zeal.

This sinner joined Sunni Forum because of his activities and adopted his style as well as the style of his avatar on that forum. Dr Siddiqui showed utmost love as well as respect to this lowly self and hence leaves a vacuum behind him that can not be easily filled.

Even before Sunni Forum ceased its activities a few months back Dr Siddiqui was too busy in his practice as a physician that he rarely posted on the forum he was already sorely missed because of his no nonsense attitude and a personality lacking all guile. He had very visible sense of humour.

He was a person who taught us that we do not have to suffer fools after we have submitted our will to the Will of Allah (SWT). For a person with modern academic career he was remarkable informed about Islamic theology and he could muster a variety of arguments based on actual texts in favour of his point of view. This was a rather rare ability in these times when modern educated Muslims turn their abilities against Islam and Muslims themselves rather than defending the Deen of Allah and its followers.

In spite of his blogs ( one, two, three) and an emphatic presence on Sunni Forum I do not expect any public presence on his part and thus we might be the only one in public domain to cry for him. I request my readers at Thus Spake, An Alig's Armchair and Kamalat-e-Kalimia, Sunni Forum and and the users of Mufti says to do supplications for our beloved brother late Dr Malih Ahmed Siddiqui.

May Allah (SWT) forgive his sins, convert his failings into good deeds and grant him a high place in Jannah.

Rest in peace my friend. We miss you a lot.

We loved you for the sake of Allah (SWT) and we do the same now. We expect a shade in the shadow of the Divine Throne on the Judgment Day because of your friendship.

May Allah (SWT) give Sabr-e-Jamil to your mother and wife and may He (SWT) make the best arrangements for them as well as your three sons. By the Grace of Allah (SWT) we are with them in thought and deed.

And we seek all the help from Allah (SWT) in this difficult time.

And indeed he took you away from us to remind us of the perishable nature of this world. In your presence He was our only support and now that you are no more with us again He (SWT) is our only support.

And seek help and support from Him only. And he is sufficient to take care of our affairs. In Him we put our complete trust.

There is no blessing better than the faith and it is special blessing that Allah (SWT) gave us birth in the Ummah of beloved Prophet (PBUH).

And by providing a friend like you He only enhanced His favour to us. In your presence you warmed our hearts and in your absence you accentuate our sense of duty. In your life you were a blessing for us but in your death you did a favour to us by reminding us of the real object of life.

You left before us while we are coming after you. May the Mercy of Allah (SWT) be upon you.

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