Thursday, January 16, 2014

Subconscious Mind in Action : A Strange Episode

Yours truly was traveling by car.
Something written at the back of the vehicle ahead of us sent a chill down the spine.
Yours truly could not check the words because a third vehicle has come in between.
Soon the traffic dynamics exposed the same text again.
Now yours truly read the word. It said : Narwari.
It was the name of some place.
There is a hidden meaning in the text.
Replace the word by Narbali and the meaning comes to the fore.
Narwari means sacrifice the man.
Narbali means human sacrifice.
There you have the meaning in its stark form.

It is amazing how our subconscious is a few steps ahead of us.

It took a thorough look at the word and a processing of the meaning to reach the same conclusion that our subconscious can reach nearly instantaneously.

PS: Are the people at the said place so stupid that they have not thought of changing the hideous name? Yours truly can think of another scenario. Initially they were too shocked to change it and now they have forgotten the implication of the name and thus live with the constant curse of a dubious name. May Allah (SWT) protect all the believers from ambiguous punishment.