Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shashi Tharoor and the Death of Sunanda Pushkar

Death is a solemn, sad and humbling occasion.

Death is not a glamour event. Or a juicy event.

Unfortunately the vibes we are getting at the death of Sunanda Pushkar are in the vein of yet another socialite gig.

Normality of life events stands completely compromised.

We, for sure, have done something wrong to our life style.

Femininity has become a card to be used.

Privacy has become another card to be openly flaunted.

But why should a Muslim be interested or concerned with this unfortunate turn of events?

Well one kosher reason is that one should be aware of one's surroundings.

After that one can ask a question.
Suppose both of these spouses were Muslims?

By the Grace of Allah (SWT) Sunanda Pushkar was not a Muslim nor is Shashi Tharoor.

We know Tharoor because of his endearing writings in the Times of India during his UN stint and later on his political career.

And then we know of Sunanda Pushkar because of him.

For a Muslim multiple marriage, even at the same time, will not be news that is one would emphasize too much.

Tharoor-Pushkar marriage was a social entertainment event.
Perhaps that too would not be problem because marriage is indeed a celebration.

But the show-off part of that marriage will seriously fall into a category of questionable acts.

They did indulge in show-off.
We hear that she took excessive dose of anti-depressant drugs and that is what killed her.

This is a strange amalgam of elements - to take anti-depressants and to show off.

A person ending with anti-depressants is a bad news.
It indicates an ailment. Physical ailment entailing emotional and spiritual sickness.
To show off too is a spiritual ailment.

And now that she is dead the public interest in the event is yet another collective ailment.

We have made an a spectacle of our life.

Personal things should be left private.

The Mehar Tarar angle too is debauch.

For one why should a Muslim woman, as this Pakistani in all probability is, be romancing publicly? Or even privately? Irrespective of the light of her eyes being a Muslim or not.

Society is so much against two or more wives. On part of Muslims it amounts to a mockery of Islam.

But luckily we are not talking about a Muslim couple and at the moment this amount of musing is sufficient in this case.

Except for one point. We Muslims of India did not bother to call them to Islam when we could.
Can we at least make a suggestion to Shashi Tharoor now?