Thursday, January 30, 2014

Most Successful Life

Whose life is most successful?

As Muslims we do have an answer that is universal.
Beloved Prophet (PBUH)'s life is most successful.

Reward for a believers success is Jannah.
In this world he is guaranteed only bare minimum sustenance.

And hence when beloved Prophet (PBUH)'s mission is complete the intructions to him are rather crisp, carrying almost military like precision, understated but very decisive.

"When comes God's help, and victory, and people are entering the religion of of God in gusts then sing the praises of your Lord. And ask for forgiveness for He is surely accepts repentance."

This is Surah Nasr from the Noble Qur'an.

There might be Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in this world.
There might be Warren Buffets and Birlas.
There might be mighty generals and sport stars.
There might be big politicians and respectable statesmen.
There might be Einsteins and Newtons.
There might be great nations and huge empires.
There might be magnificent cultures and enchanting civilizations.
But none of them have the durability and assurance that is found in the life of beloved Prophet (PBUH).

That life has it all that we should look forward to.

May Allah (SWT) give us the ability, capability, capacity and opportunity to emulate that life.