Monday, January 13, 2014

Perspective of a Muslim

Our elders have taught us that in our supplications we should start with our own self, then we should supplicate for our near and dear ones and for our friends and relatives and then for the rest of the Ummah.

This is a hierarchy, a warrant of precedence.

To supplicate one has to be aware, first, of the the normal human necessities and requirements and then about the current situation and contingencies and emergencies. Only then one can supplicate for the elevations of difficulties and granting of well being as blessings.

Clearly to this end a Muslim must be aware about personal circumstances and he also must be educated to a suitable level about local, regional as well as global realities.

And since these levels of reality keep changing constantly, these are dynamic, even the task of education is a continuous one.

We Muslims fail at all levels in these matters.

Even most educated Muslim do not know what they should be supplicating at personal level. They have never got time to fix their priorities.

The number of Muslims aware about regional problems of Muslims is rather small. Can one supplicate for their regional brothers and sisters if they are not aware about regional social, cultural, economic, business, industrial and financial dynamics?

If we were aware of our regional problems then a global unity of Muslims would not be a dream like an air castle it would be a reality. It would be a fulfillment of the Qur'anic injunction that we are a global Ummah.

At least in India we must take suitable steps to make each and every Muslim a part of the Indian part of the Muslim Ummah.