Monday, January 20, 2014

Price of Indiscretion

What is the price of indiscretion?

In case of Tarun Tejpal it might be career.

Looking at his record, we mean the sting operations, there might be a very natural reaction that he had it coming.

This distracts us from a serious concern.
Should a discretion cost a person his career?
Even in Saudia they give a person three chances before chopping the hand of a thief.

Yours truly is not conservative about it and is open to discussion on this matter related to coming down with a hammer on a person indulging in indiscretion.

The whole way of life espoused by people like Tejpal stinks.
But that too is a distraction.

Yours truly remembers Delhi police dealing with eve teasers in the following way. They will simply threat to inform the family of the perpetrator.
This would be very numbing for the person - the fear of shame in immediate family.

In order to protect our society from the social and psychological damage all precautions should be taken before we destroy the career of a man.