Friday, January 17, 2014

If You are a Muslim You Don't Know Nothing

A selection committee is in progress for the department that yours truly works in.

Yours truly is not a candidate for promotion in the said selection committee.

Things worked out that way only.

But even yours truly was wondering why Allah (SWT) so trnformed the things that yours truly did nothing to appear before the committee.

Now yours true knows why.

Yours truly sports a Sherwani and a beard. Muslim like.

And then there are people who think that Muslims know nothing.

One such person is sitting in the committee right now. He, being what yours truly terms a residual communist, would most certainly take the biased view.

Thus Allah (SWT) saved yours truly the trouble of tackling a begot.

Not that yours truly minds sending them spiraling down. There is no sight prettier than that of an enemy of Lord Most High going glug, glug, glug.