Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunni Forum vs AMU Groups

Some time back an appeal had been made by An Alig's Armchair requesting dear Aligs to start blogging. This is the age of communication, communication has been important at all epochs of time, and if we do not communicate our position then any thing can be assumes about our locus standi. In all probability it will far off the mark. We might want peace but people will keep think that these are Jihadis. We might be against terrorism of all kind, as we are, but the world might take Muslim and terrorist as synonymous-as too many people still do believe. We might wish salvation for all but people might assume that we want to interfere in their lives-as everybody or nearly everybody thinks. A blog is a good medium to communicate your point of view. We mean the Islamic point of view. A similar appeal was made at Sunni Forum. The good news is that at least one brother has positively responded by starting the blog called Saktah-Waiting to Breathe. We'll renew our appeal to dear Aligs to start blogging-particularly those who keep writing on AMU related groups. You need only little more care to speak openly as compared to your activity in private groups. Make your intention-the action will be granted by Allah(SWT) only.