Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sensible India

Shri (Indian word for Mr) Kapil Sibal ,Communications Minister Government of India, appealed to Facebook, Google, YouTube and Yahoo to remove offensive material from their sites.
A sensible decision.
China uses full control of this powerful medium.
India is only waking up to this.
How tricky our western brothers have been to use our own resources to their advantage.
We foolishly play into their hands.
We have done that for far too long.
By driving out the British we thought we had freed ourselves.
The mental slavery is still there to a large extent.
In any case it has not been completely wiped out.
Perhaps a simple rule that can be followed can be framed as follows: Anything and everything that is against the interest of the country and its ethos will neither be followed nor tolerated.
Source : BBC