Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mossad versus Iran

 Iranian nuclear facilities are busting.
Missile facilities are exploding.
Elite force personnel are perishing.
Defense experts are getting killed.
Not a small fete. And even Israeli media is gleeful as to who might have done it. Time (via Yahoo):
At the very least, the list burnishes the mystique of the Mossad, Israel's overseas spy agency. Whatever the case-by-case reality, the popular notion that, through the Mossad, Israel knows everything and can reach anywhere is one of the most valuable assets available to a state whose entire doctrine of defense can be summed up in the word deterrence. But it doesn't mean Israel is the only country with a foreign intelligence operation inside Iran. The most recent IAEA report included intelligence from 10 governments on details of the Iranian nuclear effort.
Meanwhile the US slides further down in moral landscape.