Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Buddhism, Your Buddhism

Everybody hates theocracy-if it is of Islamic kind.
Nobody hates theocracy-if it is of Buddhist kind.
The proof is the universal acceptance of the Dalai Lama.
Everybody loves him-except one country.
Here is a news item where India and that country are fighting as to whose Buddhism is more genuine.
Ironically this is the country that is known for having thrown Buddhism out of India.
Today we promote it in Singapore, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Vietnam.
It is true that it is India that has given refuge to the Tibetan people after they lost their homeland.
And every north Indian town has a Tibetan Market.
Indeed a tragic nation are these people of Tibet.
Your poor Alig was shopping for winter wear in their market with another senior Alig.
Fortunately the affairs of the market have come under the control of some Agarwal Ji who has put an end to the tribute that was being extracted from these hapless people. (Why can't the people from minority do that? Are they not capable of that?)
Your poor Alig asked one of the two girls on the shack counter whether the man, who was chanting a rosary and came for a moment only to fumble with the wares, was their father. (He, in all probability, was assessing whether we are harassing the girls or not!) She said yes.
Have you been to Tibet? No. We were born here only. (Conversation in Hindustani)
Strange are the ways of our Lord.
And so are ours.
Tomorrow they might had back to their home.
And we'll be left wondering as to why we did not invite them to the true path.