Friday, December 30, 2011

It is in the Jeans

Once upon a time a few decades ago there was an Alig. He was a God fearing Alig. Yes that type of people exist. He had his own brand of sense of humour. One he was musing over getting a Sherwani stitched out of Jeans cloth. Why? Well the Jeans generation will not listen to things Islamic. For them Jeans are modern and Islam is an out dated preoccupation. For those who came late a Sherwani of a black colour is part of the official student's dress in at AMU. It is really very painful to sea that people will crush the sentiments of a sage under their feet. The sage wanted a crown of no god but God on the heads of his graduates while the graduates see only one thing -  whether the modern world approves of them or not and whether they fit well into that world or not.