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Mufti Saeed Khan Sahab on History of Spain

I have translated a relevant portion of a lecture which addresses the OP's thread title. it is part of the History of West and what East has given to West series of Mufti Saeed Khan DB. A great Muhaqqiq of our times. The lecture is titled 15. Brief History of Spain (Download link ->

15. Brief History of Spain (total runtime 56:23) - From 38:40 onwards

A question may arise in your minds that how did this great civilization (of the Spanish Muslims) get destroyed. What and why has this happened to the Muslims (of Spain). There are numerous causes and reasons for this.

And this is not our topic (of discussion). We wanted to bring forth the contributions of the Muslims to the world at large. We were speaking on how to establish a welfare state? You have till now listened to everything (related to establishing a welfare state) as we have mentioned many viewpoints, discussions and about utopia. It would be inappropriate to discuss Europe’s much advancement, the quest for utopia, different states and Plato, (without discussing) the link between all of this were Muslims and their reference could not be left out. It would be inappropriate to only mention the rise of Science in Europe and brutality of the Church to suppress it; it is incumbent for us to know how Science arrived in the West before the brutal suppression of the Church.

A topic is due for discussion (continued in another lecture) on the Original philosophy of Christianity (the pure teachings of Isa alayhis salam). It is to be noted that the Spain of the Muslims was so accommodating that they did not convert any European forcibly to Islam. They maintained and exhibited great tolerance. Christians would come to the Muslim scholars of Europe to learn the text of the Bible. They were also Muslim scholar.

Today, in mosques it is announced that the learning of Bible is forbidden, Rasulullah when he saw Umar ibn Khattab (with the text of the Ahl al-Kitab) and his face showed signs of anger. This hadith which is mentioned (by many), we have done a detailed discussion on this Hadith (in an article or a book). When we don’t read or researches then (naturally) people are stopped from the same. They (Muslim Scholars of Spain) were also Muslims, they were also Scholars, and didn’t these narrations (of not learning the previous scriptures) pass through them.

Why did they teach the Bible to the Christians? There were many Christians (at that time) who did not let go of Christianity but they adopted the Muslim culture. The word ‘Mozarab’ can be looked up in the dictionary, Arabs refer to them as Musta’rab. (Again) Mozarabs were those people who were Christian (in belief) but they adopted the culture of the Muslims. This was absolutely unacceptable to the Church. The Church helplessly saw the Muslim efforts to spread Islam in Spain which eventually was weakening and reducing Christianity at a very fast pace.

To counter the Muslims, they made use of this extreme (will be mentioned in the next few passages) measure. We hereby, refer you to two books on this topic. An extremely critical and delicate topic. You can look up Encyclopedia Britannica and the History of the Arabs to find the references of what we are going make mention of now. You can find (all) the proofs and evidences therein. Please don’t become angry and emotional and please listen (attentively) to what (extreme) measures did they (the Church) take to remove the Muslims from Spain.

There is a phrase ‘Voluntary Martyrdom’. Please look up this phrase (in the two books mentioned above) and what does it mean. It means to present oneself voluntarily for martyrdom. When the Church observed that these Muslims are so tolerant that they do not coerce any one (Muslim or Non-Muslim), nor do they oppress any one (Muslim or Non-Muslim). In every nook and corner of Muslim Spain there is peace, contentment, learning centers of science and Arabic and other amenities (these facilities were provided to each every citizen of Muslim Spain, be Muslim or Non-Muslim, rich or poor etc. the Shaykh makes mention of it in the earlier part of this very lecture), the Christian masses were themselves drawn towards Islam and were embracing it willingly and whole heartedly.

The Church looked to find out the easiest way to inflame the Muslims with anger leading to a tense situation of violence in Muslim Spain. The leaders of the Church convened and deliberated on this issue and they identified that the raw nerve of the Muslims (dukhti rag) was to insult their Prophet Muhammad . The Muslims cannot stand anything against their Prophet and when you will insult him then the Muslims will definitely kill you.

We need to train such Christian youths who can do this (despicable) act of insulting the Prophet of the Muslims and when he meets his (ugly) fate, we shall proclaim that the youth has attained martyrdom voluntarily on behalf of the Christians ie. Voluntary Martyrdom. This will bring a bad name to the Muslims and they we will start to defame them in front of their fellow Christian countrymen. That look what these Muslims have done to our Youth, for such a small thing they have killed him. It is from the great favours of Allah that we do not speak without clear proofs.

This unique attack was proposed and started by the Bishop of Spain, Eulogius. In Qurtuba ( Cordoba) the Christians started to rise and insult the Prophet in the most vile, disgusting and despicable manner. The Maliki jurists unanimously passed the ruling to execute them. The result was that on 11th March, 859 violence erupted in the State and genocide took place. The Bishop himself ‘sacrificed’ his life for this. But he left his evil legacy behind him. Every few days, a youth would rise and insult the Prophet , the State would award him capital punishment. This was in the 9th Centruy CE and the Christians succeeded in their plans. When the Christian masses witnessed the killings of their youth, this erased the affection they had for Islam and the Muslims and hatred started to take root in their hearts and it strengthened day by day. The Enclycopedia Britannica mentions ‘This persecution provoked by the Christians themselves took a toll of 53 victims’. This was the unpleasant environment engineered by the enemies to take unfair advantage of the raw nerve of the Muslims.

When 53 Christian youths were killed, then the Chritians of Spain united against the Muslims and the Chruch declared that it is obligatory on each one of us (Christians) to attack the Muslims and expel them from Spain. Thus the forces were mobilised to get rid of Muslims from Spain

Source : SF (Courtesy brother At-Tayyab)