Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time To Check Madness

Here are the BBC headlines:
(1) India Court Debates Gay Sex Ruling (2012)
(2) India Court Reviews Gay Sex Order  (2009) 
(3) India Media Hails Gay Sex Ruling (2009)

The trouble in this matter is that those people who are caught into this deviant behaviour are more vocal than the majority. This is not Indian phenomena. In seventies the homosexuals repeatedly stormed the annual meetings of American Psychology Association to press for regularization of their behaviour. It is strange that the scientific organization of the most scientifically advance country just could not defend itself and buckled. This bowing down of US Psychology community was a tragedy of gigantic proportions. May be tracing your footsteps back is the way out here but action in this regard has to start in the US - only US public, the silent majority there, has to assert to the American Psychology Association to review its , by now a few decades old, folly. And it is not a matter of minority rights. Minority rights are indeed kosher. The issue at stake is whether the sick have the right to decide that they are not sick. This carries the more serious implication by which the healthy are, by insinuation, condemned as sick.

There is another factor that has contributed to this disaster - the western lopsided notion of gender equality. Man and women are equal but man has a slight upper hand - this is the Qur'anic injunction in this matter. Notice that the tie breaker is the difference between the western and Islamic positions. And then there is the complementary equality of man and women. You take care of the bread earning and I'll take care of the house keeping. But this preposition has becoming very insulting in the modern context. Though most of the women do indulge in the house keeping but this can not be asserted as a normal thing without inviting the ire of the so called modern educated and liberated people. Unfortunately many women have fallen into this trap and have accepted that man-woman equality is not complementary but mirror equality. Of course reality sooner or later takes over and these people simply disappear from the scene when they realize that life can not be lived on the basis of these deviations. Unfortunately enough new blood comes up to fill the vacuum created. Luckily the world population is huge and the society can absorb the deviations for some time without disappearing. Yes - society has the danger of disappearance when people forget about procreation.
And should we not take those people as deviated who have decided to ignore procreation entirely? Anyway these things have become very serious in the west. Man and woman are turning into same gender marriages and those woman who are lucky in this aspect are in another trap - they do not find any man who is suitable for them according to the modern criterion of the western man woman equality. It is a fact well acknowledged that Europe is disappearing because of lack of procreation. We in the west have slightly more time to act but warning must be sounded because this time can not be very long. A decade of non-procreation is enough to put you into non-reversible decline. The calculation is simple. A generation, after enough stretching, may be just a three decades long. In that three decades period you get the middle decade only for procreation.

So, to cut the long story short, now is the time for India to put an stop to this disgrace. Marriage is a very sacred institution in India and its sanctity must be maintained. It will not be a bad idea for the silent majority to wake up and assert its right to maintain its modesty, sacred institutions and continuation of its existence.