Monday, February 6, 2012

Bitter, Pushy, Horrible Indira Gandhi

That is how Jacqueline Kennedy described Mrs Indira Gandhi who would be Prime Minister of India. This was four moths after assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1964.
And there are similar details about Jackie's psyche.
This raises many questions.
Man is human.
His public persona might be slightly different from the private.
What is wrong with that?
Of course drastic differences between public and private personalities is a cause of concern but why can we not leave the private to the private?

After that there is the phenomenon of the most powerful nation on the globe.
They know it - or knew it.
And they feel it. Even that is alright.
The problem begins when they live it.
We have seen the Jackie part of the first family above the John part is all the more murky.
Apparently he had his own Monika Lewinsky.
And she also has spilled the beans.
JFK used her and circulated her.

A society with moral corruption of very serious kind is taken by us as the society worth imitating.
It is unlikely that much good will come out of that.

There are sins and there are major sins.
And it is a sin to disclose your sin.
Lord Almighty gas given lots of worldly things to that country.
Apparently they have not been making the best use of them.
This reminds one of a Tradition in which it is said that if there was no danger to the faith and belief of the the believers then Allah(SWT) would have made the houses of the unbelievers of gold.
This was about Prophetic times.
In our times we have seen nearly similar things.
The power that US of A enjoys is indeed of the same level.
This only shows the uselessness of this world for Allah(SWT).
Jannah is Allah(SWT)'s guest house.
Having given the Americans a taste of power it is being taken away from them just in front of our eyes.
We should soon see a very miserable US - a society where fornication starts at the top and the sinners are idolized.
May Lord Most High protect us from the machinations of Satan, this world and our baser selves.