Friday, February 3, 2012

Current Calamities

There is strong cold spell in Europe and a hundred people have died in Ukraine.
Then there is continuing bad news form European financial sector crisis. Like airlines collapsing.
Now it is not a proven fact that people of Ukraine are more sinning than other countries, east or west.
But when some calamity comes upon society that is not created by man then the clear indication is that it is from God. And He might make life difficult for whomsoever He wishes - none can stop or question Him.
He also has told us that if you obey Him then what is it that He shall get by putting us in trouble?
The message is clear - we should worry about being obedient to Him. Even if He forgives our disobedience in this life there is after life where we have to give accounts. In fact people getting their punishment in this world are sometimes better off for they might be forgiven in the hereafter. And if one spends a few minutes pondering over it the financial crises like airlines collapsing too fit the bill in the category of God's decision. We have to do only little bit of thinking to realize that. And after that a decision to obey Him is the only next step to goodness of this world and the hereafter. You start becoming aware of God's presence and you start understanding His actions only if you develop a mindset to recognize His signs around you. And what is more worth trying?