Wednesday, February 22, 2012

False Confidence

Have you ever come across a statement of the following type - the wordings might be different but focus on the theme :
Qur'an gives us many of these scientific theories 1400 years ago. They are not accepting Qur'an as whole but they are relying on Qura'n in their scientific developments. This is the strong argument in favor of Qur'an's truth.
I am sure you have. And I seek refuge from Allah(SWT) if you hold this opinion. There is lots of truth in these sentiments but the falsehood is much more. What makes the situation worse is the fact that separation of truth and falsehood in this is not straightforward. Luckily the danger of being accused of being anti-Islam is not that much in this case otherwise that weapon is also not very far when you deal with such people who have shunned logic and reasoning together with reality.

It is sheer false confidence to have this kind of faith.

Qur'an is the word of our Lord Most High. Science is the creation of our Lord Most High, or more precisely, our knowledge of His creation.

Next Allah(SWT) has given us the abilities to understand the world around us. This fact can be deduced from our experience. So having given us the ability to understand so many aspects of His creation, the thing we call science, where is the need to incorporate that in the Holy Qur'an? As some one has said that it is not a book of science - it is the book of signs of Allah(SWT). Of course He (SWT) has sprinkled it with many things that will be classified in science but the object of this book is quite different and much more noble than the gory scientific empiricism. It is a book of guidance to mankind - a Mercy to us - a finalization and completion of Allah(SWT)'s favour to us.

The Noble Qur'an goes beyond science. It tells us what to do with science. Science can not tell us that. It guides us. Science has very limited capability in this direction.

Then there is another rub. If we thing of the last fifteen hundred years then for the first one third (actually slightly less) we did science and for the last two thirds we have left it. So the reality is that we are not using the God given ability to do what is beneficial for us. And this is a loss.