Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do Not Like the Sound of That

Apparently there is further fall in Indian GDP growth.

This does not look like a pleasant news. But such things are unavoidable. Positive growth can not be maintained indefinitely - the resources of the world are limited. It is the west which has been dominating the world thought process for last hundred years that has created this chimera that we should switch to growth mode of society. In a world where economies are interrelated effect of western slow down is bound to reach each and every world economy and the best thing is to anticipate and prepare for it.

So how to handle economic slow down? Good question - and if you do not have the answer then start thinking about it. Yours truly knows at least one thing - sooner or later it will boil down to cutting down your expenditure. Government expenditures should have never reached that they have, just think how Greek folly of debt financed spending that is bringing European economy down, but now we shall have to thing seriously about our own expenditures as citizen.

This is related to patience - Sabr. Sabr is a difficult thing to do but it is extremely rewarding. Switch yourself to Sabr mode and weather it out.