Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deedawar News

Here is an Alig's site. There is lots of Alig stuff there. Of course the rub is that Sir Syed is perhaps amongst the most misunderstood intellectuals of all times. Misunderstood both by Muslims as well as others. Luckily the misunderstanding is rather simple. Only if we can do something about it. Basically Muslims think that Sir Syed's movement is about putting the Mullas in place or to ignore them or to get rid of the burden called Islam - may Allah(SWT) forgive us for this. Other people's thoughts are opposite of this. They think that Sir Syed's movement is a communal one. The strange thing is that they both have got it wrong. People have been erring to various degrees in their assessment of Sir Syed's movement which we call Aligarh Movement. And, dear Aligs. as we have said earlier if you can do something about it then please, please go ahead. You'll be surprised at the effectiveness of every step taken in clearing the cobwebs accumulated around Aligarh Movement. Let me also remind you that whatever Allah(SWT) has decided to bestow upon you in this world will not go any where but it will find you and come to you - so focus on contributing to Aligarh Movement. And do not get distracted by those who are only worried about what they can get in this world. You shall get your due and they shall get their due but you shall end up doing something that will be useful in the hereafter - we are not sure about them at all who want more and more of this world.