Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shaharyar Sahab Is No More

So Kunwar Akhlaq Muhammed Khan Shaharyar Sahab is no more.
Verily we are for our Lord and unto him is our return.
As per Dr Rahat Abrar Sahab the burial is scheduled for 2:30pm today on February 14, 2012 at the university cemetery.
We have been talking about him at this blog and the relevant posts can be found in these links.
It is a strange feeling. Everybody has to leave this world one day but our hearts usually want substitutes for the worthies.
We shall close this post with one observation. During the poetic meets in Aligarh (mushayrahs) the audience is very demanding. Sometimes even youngsters know the significant poems of a poet and they will demand the latest and they also have zero tolerance for bad poetry. Thus usually the poets are given a very tough time. In case Shaharyar Sahab it was a relationship of respect - everybody just listened to him without any frills and without creating any disturbance. Standard of poetry was decided by his standard and if anybody did not get connected with his poetry then the fault lied in the listener not the poet.

Urdu world is left much poorer by his departure.

There is something missing (Kahin kuchh kum hai)  is a phrase which late Shaharyar Sahab had used in one of his poems.
I now we are missing the poet himself.
Aligarh Movement is not an infant but still it feels strange that we find such losses unbearable.

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