Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear Sandra

Liam Neeson is impressed with Islam.
And the obvious conclusion is that he might be on his way to Islam.
In reaction here is a comment by a viewer called Sandra.
Buh-bye Liam, it's been nice knowing you.
The reaction is understandable. But only if one thinks of the current social, cultural environment. Here is one possible response to above viewer.

Dear Sandra,
Your parting with Liam Neeson is very touching.
You show your love for him. You shall not acknowledge the parting of a person whom you do not love.
And then there is a tinge of pain too.
This is the pain of love then.
This in turn demands that you should be concerned about him.
Real love demands that.
And then there is this inevitable feeling that there is something missing.
If you accept his decision to be the right one then does it not make you think about yourself.
If he is worried about him and you love him then you should worry in similar way about yourself.
If not then you'll be implying that that he is good at his work but not good at taking care of himself.
And some how you are sure that he has got it wrong and you have got it right.
The strange thing is that he has been living in the same society, the superior society, that you live in.
You are also assuming that your decision is better than his.
But is there a harm in rethinking about your own decision to remain smug?
That is all we suggest.
The reason is that the information that is current about Islam in your quarters happens to be incorrect in various ways.
Of course the choice is yours.
Our suggestion is just our duty - duty assigned by your Lord, our Lord to us.
Take care.