Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Obvious Answer

German Chancellor asserted that multiculturalism has failed.
Now when there is some smoke it can only be because of fire.
Hence if she is forced to bring this to public notice there must be some truth to it.
The natural question will be as to why is it so?
Of course the western habit is to blame it on the weak.
So what if I am up the stream and you are down the stream - your mother must have made the water dirty.
The European idea of multiculturalism is that we shall accept you provided you surrender yourself to our culture.
And this is what have been accepting from the immigrants.
But this is not multiculturalism - this is surrender of your identity.
Usually the answer to deepest problems is simplest one and so is the case here.
Just let us take the case of Muslims.
Muslims of Arabia have their own identity.
Muslims of Afghanistan can be clearly recognized from those of Saudia.
Muslims of South India can be clearly differentiated from those of Arabia and Afghanistan.
Muslims of Malaysia too can be recognized  if you mix them among the mixture of above groups. And same is true if you take the Chinese Muslims.
And Muslims all over the world will recognize all of the above as true Muslims.
There is complete multiculturalism.
Sooner or later the same will be true about French, Italian and Swiss Muslims.
They shall be Muslims and still recognizable as French, Italian and Swiss respectively.
There is Islam for you and there is multiculturalism.
Is it so difficult to understand?

So if multiculturalism as failed then please ignore the finger that is pointing towards Muslims and take the hint from the direction of the other three fingers.

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