Monday, February 6, 2012

Ontological God

Ontology is the study of nature of reality.
So what is the nature of reality?
Some of it can be ascertained by logical arguments.
If a cat came out of a room then the cat has been there in the room.
Some of the reality can be ascertained empirically.
You can open the door or otherwise peep into the room whether there is a cat or not.
Empirical approach takes us further then the logical, scholastic limitations.
And this too is not sufficient to ascertain the reality as much as we require.
We would like to know whether lobsters are halal or not.
You need the Godly inspiration there.
The Islamic name for that is Wahi.
There is ontological argument for existence of God.
But real argument is Wahi itself.
For those who want to listen and accept the reality.