Thursday, February 2, 2012

Juan Cole's Conclusions

(1) In Egypt elections Muslim religious parties took over seventy percent of the seats.
(2) The biggest winner, the Muslim Brotherhood, prefer alliance with secular parties rather than the hard line Salafis.
(3) In South Carolina Newt Gingrich was voted Republic candidate by the people about 65 percent of whom o are evangelical.
(4) US media makes remarks about religious influence in Egypt polling.
(5) US media does not make remarks about religious influence in South Carolina voting.
(6) Class sensitivities are focused on in case of South Carolina while ignored in case of Egypt.
(7) "Illegitimate for Egyptians to vote on religious basis bot alright for South Carolina."
(8) Egyptians do not think that Mubarak was thrown out to establish Islamic rule.
(9) Probably religion played a role in South Carolina primaries and did not play any role in Egyptian elections.
(10) Muslim Brotherhood leader is a voice of reason.
(11) Newt Gingrich has a bad sugar daddy in Sheldon Adelson.

Source : The Blog Informed Comment by Juan Cole