Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spectre of Political Islam

The Europe and the US, the west in general, is haunted by the spectre of Political Islam.
The argument is simple enough - we have put the Church in its place why don't you follow suit.
And it is mighty difficult to calm their nerves down.
And the situation is really worrisome.
They can not calm down on their own.
Having worked themselves into a frenzy it poses two problems.
To calm down and then two eschew that they worked themselves up on their own.
A society who confuses Islam and Arabs is difficult to communicate to.
Particularly when it has been walking on a wrong path for a long time.
In the private life they have realized the need for religion and religion and spirituality is not an uncommon thing in the west. The problem lies in its role on collective life.
Recently there was a news item about integrating atheists into US army environment.
Clearly integration of religion in the Army life is not a problem for the US.
And it is well known that in spite of his confusion about his identity Barack Obama did use the Christian card, even if the use was subtle but only the most naive will assert that his did not use it.
So even in the public life the role of religion is not so insignificant. In God We Trust is not confined to the bank notes - they call them the bills.
But any hint of even similar level of permeation of Islam into Muslim society is an anathema to the west.