Sunday, February 26, 2012

Enjoying Induction into Falsehood

A young man, Omar Kamal bin Farooq, is enjoying his induction into falsehood.

No guess required to ascertain who has facilitated his assertion.
This reminds your truly about another young man whom yours truly has to deal with.
Basically yours truly has to make all those accommodations in this case which is against so many of yours truly's self imposed rules.
Reason being his absolutely frail psychological composition. Young man must be dabbling in undesirable substances. And his father must be aware of it. There is a danger of a precious life getting wasted slowly just in front of our eyes. Responsibilities of yours truly are really very minimal in this case and hence the concern too is moderate but the tragedy in making looks gigantic nevertheless - every life is precious, nay, priceless.

And the musings of first young man too are not very heart warming. The route that he is exploring decidedly takes to the wrong destination in the hereafter but the possible end may not be much different from the possible destination that the other young man is heading towards. May Allah(SWT) guide both of them on the right path and give them the requisite strength to follow it. May He forgive ours and their sins and replace them by good deeds. May He cast our lives completely according to His Will - His obedience.