Monday, February 6, 2012

There Is A Point

Some thing has been prodding yours truly's mind for quite some time. The point is that Europe has very deep rooted hesitations in accepting that Islam is a legitimate way of life and that Muslims have their own values. The thought process in its bare reality is rather simple. How can a diverse group of people who are mostly not white claim any legitimacy? Then we have this CNN report:
Europe and the Muslim world seem to be on a collision course that could have major political, economic and ideological ramifications. January 23, 2012, may well come to be remembered as the crucial date when Samuel Huntington's "clash of civilizations" thesis, which many of us believed discredited beyond repair, was reaffirmed.
Lately, by the Grace of Lord Most High, Muslims have started expressing their opinion before the western audience about the reality of Islam. See, for example, the book Good Muslim, Bad Muslim.

So the point is : "Dear west why do you find it so difficult to accept that there are Muslims, there is Islam and it is not a sect of materialistic society?"