Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tragedy of Residual Communism

The RC, residual communist, intellectual insists, among other things, on absolute freedom of speech and expression. Of course the erstwhile USSR, by design, never was an epitome of the freedom of expression. After the demise of the USSR our RC intellectuals take their ideological solace from the other western sources - the US and the Europe. Now take the example of Azaan. By no stretch of imagination it can be classified as offensive. But then why is it banned in European countries? Clearly the sources of inspiration to our RC intellectual is a phony ideal. And the way the US authorities have been treating the demonstrators in the Occupy Wall Street case is a clear indication that the so called absolute freedom of expression is an expansive toy that has been devised by the west as is used against the orient. True that it finds some currency in the west - you can criticize the US President even in their capital but we have just enumerated some examples where they too, the west, realize that this idea of absolute freedom of expression has got its limitations. RC individuals clearly are unoriginal and poorly creative.