Thursday, January 26, 2012

It Is Sweet, It Is Bitter

Janab Muhammed Hamid Ansari Sahab, Vice President of the People's Secular Republic of India, arrives at the parade observation stage at Raj Path, New Delhi, on January 26, 2012.
And the air is filled with Hindi words for welcome.
It is sweet indeed.
The Vice President is a Muslim. He is also an Alig.
And why will it not fill the heart with happiness.
Blessings of Allah(SWT) in this world are His Grace.
And for every blessing a thank is mandatory.
And all thanks are due to Allah(SWT) for all of His blessings.
And God willing he might be the next President too.
And thank you dear country - it is an honour indeed.
To think of Zakir Hussain.
Of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.
Of course the bitterness is that it would be even better if this was combined some things beyond tokenism.