Friday, January 20, 2012

Beware of Zealots

Remnants of Khawarij and Mutazila in the present day society

Today I went to a different Mosque, many times the Khutbah is something related to recent events.The Imam quoted a lot of things today, I cannot recollect or understand most of them and also I was late.

The Imam mentioned a lot of the deviant beliefs of the Khawarij and the Mutazila sects. If someone asks any believer if who gives the power to raise ones finger the answer will be Allah . But they think otherwise, also they say that committing a major sin is Kufr, which is a deviant belief. These deviant sects quote the Quran and Hadith to justify their deviant claims so many people fall into their trap. In the time of Ali(ra) he send Ibn Abbas (ra) to debate with the Khawarij. The Prophet had made dua for Ibn Abbas (ra) for a good knowledge of Quran, and it is unanimously agreed that the best scholar of tafseer of the Quran is ibn Abbas(ra). He went to the khawarij and defeated them in debate and many of the followers realized the truth and came back to Ahlus Sunna wal Jama'a the mainstream Islam. But there were remnants of them in the society and it is a well known fact that they created havoc(Fitna) during that period. They even murdered some of the sahabah.

The truth even in the modern era there are remnants of these deviant sects in the society. They use the Quran and Sunnah and misquote them and misinterpret them to propagate their deviant beliefs. The Imam said we should be careful while listening to cds and lectures. He also quoted many local incidents of some muslim sects, one of which was the sect said the children studying in the sunni madressas should be killed because they are following shirk. The mentality of these sects are that of the Khawarij. Finally he made dua 'May Allah make us recognize Haqq(truth) as Haqq.' Ameen.

Source : SF