Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mukul Kesavan on Farhan Mujib

When Farhan Sahab started contemplating on taking collage making as a full time profession, those tentative moments where the new thread is not yet connected and the old one is not broken, there were moments of pondering. "Will it make financial sense?', he would mull. At the hind sight it was - fabulously so. And what profound words can be used to describe his work? This type of mulling came in the share of yours truly. After a little bit of trial the realization dawned that this is not everybody's cup of tea to use the right words for a creative work - even if you were quite familiar with. But soon the natural course set in and those profound words  about his work started flowing in. And these are still coming in even after he is gone. It was for the second or the third exhibition that he said that all the collages are occupying Mukul Kesavan room. Why? Because the writer has to get into the mood to write a critique of his collages. It was interesting - a realization of the work that goes behind the creative process. Creativity is not always spontaneous. As Winston Churchill famously said that all of my off the cuff remarks have been prepared well in advance. And now Kesavan is one of those many people who are left looking at the trail of that meteorite called Farhan Mujib.

Source : The Hindu