Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Answer is Yes

Q: Did media make Hawking famous?
A: Yes.
Sorry Hawking fans.
Hawking is a good physicist. A very good physicist. And that is all.
The trouble is that when above mentioned fans are in their fanny mood they, like any other set of fans, do not realize that the earth is not moved by the mention of their hero for all the people on the earth.  But they would not know for the earth does move for them and it is a replicable result - for them. Talk about objectivity in science. No, no we do not insist that Hawking-Penrose singularity theorems were a fluke. Neither was black hole radiation. And if it was a fluke then it was indeed a brilliant fluke. And black hole information conundrum is indeed a topic that should be discussed with the roll of drums. But the world does not revolve around Hawking. So dear Hawking fan will you please grow up?
Source : Columbia Journalism Review via Physics and Physicists