Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Killing of Anuj Bidve

23 years old student hailing from Pune, Anuj Bidve, was killed in Manchester last week by a man who introduced himself to the police as Psycho. One's heart goes to the family. So many dreams and fantasies shattered and peace and happiness compromised. It can only be mind numbing. One wonders how near and dear one's will give consolation to the grieved family.

Human history is replete with incidents of cruelty and its occurrence in societies of your times gives an eerie feeling. Not long ago BBC had reported another case from UK where the criminal introduced himself in the same unashamedly cruel terms. These are intricate matters and even a cursory look at the information tells one that these things keep even the experts on their nerves end. Somehow we have steered our society to such a state that this type of people find it conducive to flourish who operate at unimaginable levels of cruelty. This is not only true about western society but one fears that Indian society might be in step with the west in this matter. Similar incidents are being reported from our own backyard too. Only the horror of it stops us from reporting that but corrective steps should not be ignored. While law and order as well as  criminal justice system have to do their job even the civil society and civic ethos have to be looked upon more closely so as to induce those changes in our value and cultural system which will make it impossible for inhuman tendencies to survive. Is it is good idea to rear our children on the staple diet of American wrestling? Is it reasonable that our children grow up in an environment created by Twilight Saga literature? Is it good idea that we bring sleazy actresses of Indian origin to our drawing rooms? Since above unfortunate student hailed from Maharashtra it will be natural for Marathi society to take lead in this type of matters. There is another reason for that. Maharashtra society in general has adopted the diminishing western values in much bigger way than any other group from India. It is also one of the states that is plagued by farmer suicides. Healing has to come from within - particularly when the disease has come from without.