Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Example of Godless Morality

A professor of Philosophy was presenting his views in a meeting of intellectuals and soon he ended up saying something on which no one agreed. And then the argument started. During the argument he said many perfectly agreeable things, though still mixed with unacceptable content, but people would not agree to them. Curious.
But that is not the point of the post. The professor had summarized some sort of evolution of social thought and at one point made the statement that in the above process Immanuel Kant appeared on the scene and he asserted that morality, the moral trends, are good in themselves.

This is the strange thing that occupies us right now. It does not matter who said it. The problem is with Godless morality. We are aware of one Godless morality. That is socialism. There are other obvious examples. If God has made one person rich and another poor then who are we to change this situation by force? A charitable attitude towards the poor is not absent from religion - it is integral part of religion. Also socialism has been proved wrong by practical application - erstwhile USSR is an example. Too many scientists cling to socialism in spite of the fact that the USSR debacle is an empirical fact - a scientist is not supposed to ignore physical evidence.