Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Lawyer Think Again

When Hazrat Fatima (RA) was heart broken at her father's condition after a difficult day he (PBUH) assured her that the Religion of her father will enter every adobe and every house. Hence it is the Will of Allah(SWT) that Islam will reach every home. In view of this it is futile if some famous Norwegian lawyer wishes to extinguish the flame of Islam, at least in the context of his own country.

Of course there is some misunderstanding. The lawyer feels that Islam threatens Norwegian culture. This of course is quite far from truth. Islam is not a cultural think. (Even RSS can relax - let us repeat - Islam is not a cultural thing.) It is a faith, a belief. The only faith and belief acceptable to Lord Most High. Let us give the proof. If you go to Haj you can tell that these are Indians, these Malaysians, these Chinese and these African Muslims. If you view Muslims from different cultural backgrounds in their settings you can differentiate all of them. So much so that one can differentiate between Indian, Pakistani and Bangladesh Muslims. Even the Biryanis from different cultures are not the same. So Islam does not destroy a culture.

So dear lawyer relax.