Thursday, January 12, 2012

All Eerie

You childhood memories some times are very vivid. One of those vivid moments are the stories about spies. Particularly the CIA and Mossad type. Who knew that their real actions will be played in front of your eyes and in those times when you can understand their full implications? Iranian nuclear scientists are dying unnatural death. Iranian nuclear programme is getting hit by computer viruses. Just to compound the suspense CIA owners say that they have nothing to do with it. Of course 60 years later one will hear (actually the people of those times) that only intelligence was supplied by us or only technical expertise was extended by us otherwise we did not take part in the operations that compromised the Iranian scientists. There is trickery and then there is trickery on your face. One thing that the US of A does not realize that this trickery technology one day will lead to a situation that they will find one day that no one believes them. People will ask them as to why you atom bombed Japan - they were already broke? People will ask them as to why they committed all those atrocities in Vietnam? People will ask them why they killed millions of Iraqi kid by proxy? People will ask them as to why they attacked Iraq - there were no weapons of mass destruction there? People will ask them why they had one nuclear policy for Israel and another for others? It is unlikely that the whole world will come together to destroy the US at that time when these questions can be asked but it is certain that no one would like to take action against them for by that time US will be past miserable superpower - to be ignored or at the most pitied.

Ref :  BBC